Texans Huge Win

The battle of Texas ended last night with a Texans victory over the Cowboys 19-16.

Now you may be confused if you read my preview article I predicted a Cowboys win of 20-13 which only furthers my belief that when most people assume the Texans will lose is when they finally win.

Deshaun Watson played his best game of the season so far. Besides one horrible throw mid-sack that was an easy interception for Dallas, Watson was in control of the offense the entire game. He racked up 375 yards and was able to use all of his playmakers in a receiver playmaking carousel it seemed like. When Deandre Hopkins gets 9 catches and averages nearly 17 yards per catch the Texans will always be in the game.

On the other side of the ball, J.J watt seemingly came out of a time machine as prime Watt. Although Dak Prescott slipped out of his grasp several times, he and Jadaveon were constantly in the backfield causing pressure. Romeo Crennel’s defense held Ezekiel Elliot to 54 yards and made Dak throw all night. That resulted in 208 yards and two interceptions for the Cowboys which is a recipe for the opposing team being in good shape to win.

To me, this was the most complete effort by the Houston Texans. Their areas of downfall, the offensive line and secondary, both played much better than any other game this season. The line provided enough protection for routes to open up across the field and Deshaun was mostly spot-on accurate all night. For head coach Bill O’Brien this is the recipe his team needs to follow going forward. His offensive line and secondary should have some confidence going into next week against the Bills, which is a game that SHOULD get them to .500.

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Limit the other team’s best weapon. Check. Limit sacks on Deshaun. Check. The Texans did that and that’s why they won, plain and simple.

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