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Texans vs Broncos Pre Game

Ok ok ok

What we’re not going to do is act like Texans Broncos is a revenge game all because of this Demaryius Thomas trade. The man just got to Houston on Tuesday, do we really expect him to learn enough plays to be on the field that much Sunday?

Listen, I know we like the storylines of “former player returns to old team”, but truth be told I would not expect too much from Thomas in this game. The bigger story is if this newly consistent Deshaun Watson keeps it going against a struggling Broncos defense.

The game is in Denver so cue up the altitude comments. Also cue up the Texans’ defense, because if Case Keenum lights them up after how he’s looked all year, don’t expect Houston to seriously be a playoff challenger.

It comes down to the trenches for me. Can Houston’s offensive line keep Von Miller off of Deshaun’s torso? Can Jadaveon get his mitts on Case in the backfield? Whichever team does a better job up front will win.

My prediction? Sloppy Houston will return and lose 24-20.

James Greene

James Greene

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James Greene
James Greene

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