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The Broncos Have Finally Played an Actual Football Game

Chris Harris

The Denver Broncos had their first preseason game on Thursday night. The Broncos traveled to Chicago for a bout with the Bears. This game was anything but exciting, honestly.

It is imperative to remember this was just the first preseason game when making observations or analyzing. Nonetheless, I had quite a few takeaways from what was essentially a train wreck.

Quarterback Play:

We all know the story, Denver has an ongoing quarterback competition between Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch. Each played on Thursday night, and neither impressed much. Neither quarterback was able to manufacture a touchdown drive.

Trevor Siemian started the game for Denver. Trevor Siemian was Trevor Siemian on Thursday night. His first drive was a pretty good one, resulting in a field goal. After that, however, the offense struggled moving the ball under his command. Siemian was not necessarily bad, but he also wasn’t necessarily good.

Now to Paxton Lynch, he was the same guy as last year. He looked like a deer in headlights on the field. He was quick to scramble, as he is still uncomfortable in the pocket, and completed the easy passes that a four year-old could complete. Lynch struggled with any pass that classifies as downfield or challenging, this is not good.

“He looked like a deer in headlights on the field.”

The offense didn’t score a touchdown until there were six minutes left in the game, six minutes! Kyle Sloter was the engineer behind those drives on like the Bears sixth stringers.

So Lynch, a first-round pick might I add, was utterly incompetent on the field and Siemian was Siemian. The only word I have to describe Siemian is “MEH”. It was just one game, but it is cause for concern. The quarterbacks are still what we thought they were, which wasn’t good enough to make the post-season last year.

Offensive Line:

Denver’s offensive line play has been hot garbage in recent years. The Broncos signed Menelik Watson and Ronald Leary in the offseason to shore up the line. They also drafted Garrett Bolles.

Watson got beat and allowed a sack on the very first pass play of the game, poor Siemian didn’t stand a chance. The edge rusher went straight by Watson, which is kind of hilarious. Bolles also struggled at times, but Watson looked lost.

The offensive line is still a work in progress.


Denver hangs its hat on Defense, and for good reason. Denver boasts one of the best defenses in the NFL, so how did it fare in limited action on Thursday Night?

Dominant. The defense was dominant against Chicago. Just take the first three drives and you’ll get the picture.

First – Pick Six

Second – Three and Out, allowed three yards total.

Third- Three and Out, Fumble Recovery

So, Denver’s defense didn’t allow anything really. Although, the Bears offense was also total crap.

The Defense wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies, however. Denver struggled with run defense at times during 2016. This issue reared its ugly head against Chicago. Denver struggled stopping the run when spread out, which is understandable in the preseason. It helps that the defense shut down the run when in a tight formation, besides when Tarik Cohen channeled his inner human joystick.

Special Teams:

Brandom Mcmanus will keep the kicking game going strong.

Carlos Henderson muffed two kicks, that’s a no-go.

On the flip side, Denver’s kick and punt return coverage was suspect at best. Chicago consistently rattled off long returns, gaining excellent field position. Denver will need to address their coverage.

To be frank, the most entertaining part of this game was when the chain on the first down marker broke.