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Is Tyrod Taylor the Solution to Broncos’ Offensive Woes?

Tyrod Taylor

The Denver Broncos have some major issues, mainly quarterback and the offensive tackle positions. To make matters worse, there doesn’t appear to be an in house solution for solving both problems, if either. Denver is still relatively fresh off winning a Super Bowl by riding a stifling defense, but the franchise, and its fanbase, is immensely hungry to win another Super Bowl.

Denver’s defense was nothing short of spectacular during their 2015 Super Bowl run. Unfortunately, the defense is not quite at that level anymore. The secondary has begun to age, and Denver has lost some key contributors on the defensive line.

Look, Denver was never going to be able to pay everyone from that insane defensive line. Opposing franchises were going to throw cash at them, they were going to leave. Denver was forced to make tough decisions, and I feel they made the correct ones. The salary cap actually did what it was designed to do, so there’s not much to complain about.

Denver has found some good “glue guys” to service their defensive line. In Denver’s 3-4 defense, most of the defensive line’s job is to eat blocks and let the linebackers dominate. This is much easier when Von Miller leads your linebacker core.

Denver’s defense is still excellent; they just aren’t quite on the level they were. And frankly, expecting them to give an exact replication of their production would be irresponsible.

So, how does Denver return to Super Bowl level?

Denver needs to balance things out with an improved offense. No, they don’t need their first three seasons of Peyton Manning offense back, but a productive offense is the quickest way to get back to the postseason.

Unfortunately, Denver hasn’t been able to produce a functioning offense. The offense has been a hot mess, for a variety of reasons.

unsweet teaFirst, their quarterback play has left an awful lot to be desired. They’ve been the I wanted sweet tea, but I got this awful unsweet tea by accident type of disappointing. However, quarterback play hasn’t been their only offensive woe. The offensive line has been terrible, especially at the offensive tackle positions. The offensive line has crippled Denver’s running game at times, and routinely leaves their passing game useless.

Look, a good offensive line wouldn’t make Paxton Lynch any better, but it would help Siemian. Siemian is a solid, dependable game manager, but he isn’t very athletic. He also isn’t a franchise quarterback, in my opinion, he is a back up. Siemian could probably guide Denver to the playoffs with a successful offensive line and running game, the two go hand in hand.

So, how can Denver address this problem?

Simple, you do what Seattle did and the Cowboys survived with for years. Seattle won a super bowl and almost won a second with a mobile QB, who helped their running game with a weak offensive line, and an excellent defense. Tony Romo kept the Cowboys relevant when their offensive line was the exact opposite of what it is today.

How does Denver do this, you might ask. Well, I don’t think they’ll strike gold in the draft like Seattle did. However, Chad Kelly could be their future answer. He isn’t my ultimate suggestion, though. My hypothesis is to trade for Tyrod Taylor.

Let me start by saying I have no way to guarantee Buffalo would agree to a trade. I’m basing this hypothetical sheerly off of the fact that Tyrod and Buffalo appear to be on the outs every few weeks.

Tyrod is an incredibly tough quarterback. Most importantly, he is mobile. Mobility, when used right, will cover up offensive line woes. He is also not an obnoxiously tall human bulls-eye, I’m looking at you, Paxton Lynch.

Let us not forget Tyrod almost got Buffalo in the playoffs recently, which is no small feat. Denver has better weapons at receiver, as well.

Now, back to Chad Kelly for a moment. I said he could be the answer, but there’s no harm in bringing in Tyrod Taylor to compete with him next fall. After all, competition is a good thing.

Ed Note: Watch for DenverTalkLine podcast going up later today where Gillon and Van Over cover the above subject in more detail.

John Gillon

John Gillon

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