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2017 NFL Denver Broncos Week 5 w/John Gillon

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2017 NFL Denver Broncos Week 5
3-1 Broncos Enter the Bye

What a difference a few wins, home field advantage and a suffocating defense makes.

The Denver Broncos enter the bye week coming off (another) home victory, this time against heated rivals the Oakland Raiders 16-10. The offense got just enough done and the D … well, as Gillon puts it .. “Orange Crush Reborn” did just that, absolutely crushing any semblance of offense from the talented Oakland roster.

So things are looking good. The running game is showing signs of life and the defenses former achilles heel, stopping the run, is a thing of the past. The no-fly zone is in full effect and the future is indeed bright enough to warrant shades.

The Giants come to town after the bye week and they are not the juggernaut defense of years past as the unit as a whole is becoming a bit long of tooth and it’s showing on game day. By all accounts the Broncos are staring another win in the face in about a week.

Robust, straight to the point and with no holds barred host Steven Van Over puts forth the hard questions and gets straight answers from John Gillon who isn’t afraid to share the wealth.

Sports Talk Line w/ John Gillon, Steven Van Over

BroncosTalkLine Podcast 2017 Week 5
Broncos Bye Week

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John Gillon

John Gillon

Author at SportsTalkLine
Denver Broncos Senior Analyst providing - hopefully - non-biased, intelligent analysis. An example: Denver has been less than optimal at the quarterback position.
Steven Van Over

Steven Van Over

Analyst, Editor, Photographer, Writer at SportsTalkLine
Editor, Writer, Podcaster & Photographer for @SportsTalkLine Network. I watch sports, I talk about sports then I write about sports. Catch me on Twitter @StevenVanOver
Steven Van Over