King Von Miller Sets New Broncos Record in Win over Jets, But Was Winning a Good Thing?

DENVER, CO |One thing that has always been known is the notion that what is good or bad may not always be clear as day. This rings true for the Denver Broncos victory over the New York Jets on Sunday.

Yes, Von Miller, self-proclaimed “Slayer of QBs, Destroyer of Backfields, The Unbent and Unblockable, The Stallion that Mounts the Ball Carrier, Father of Chickens,” became the first player in the Denver Broncos storied history to record six seasons with at least 10 sacks, which is inherently good.

Yes, evident offensive changes led to a more productive unit on Sunday. A productive offense is also good.

Yes, the defense pitched a shutout. Anytime a defense has a dominant game, it is a good thing.

Yes, Denver won the turnover battle in a game for the first time since a week 4 win over the Oakland Raiders.  In weeks six through thirteen, Denver had 21 turnovers lost compared to just 7 turnovers forced.

All of these are examples of outcomes that are undeniably good. However, the good or bad crystal ball is perplexed about the games final outcome, a 23-0 win by Denver.

Denver is in a peculiar spot as an organization. The Broncos have reached lows in 2017 that haven’t been seen in decades.

The team is a flawed one, that much is undeniable. The 2017 season has been nothing if not a continued exposure of the Broncos many flaws.

Denver entered the Jets game 3-9, riding an 8-game losing streak. In the last eight games, Denver had been outscored 241 to 108, with Denver only eclipsing 20 points once.

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The Broncos reached a (new) rock-bottom last week in Florida. They were thumped by Miami. To compound matters, the Bronco offense was outscored by every other unit for either team.

As a result, fans had been furious, demanding John Elway make changes. However, instead of abandoning their support for their beloved Broncos, more than 70,000 Bronco faithful showed up on Sunday.

Fans and players alike will (mostly) be thrilled by the victory. But I ask one important question: Looking at the big picture, was winning honestly a good thing? In addition, would it not be better in the long term for Denver to continue playing hard but lose more than they win, which would present Denver with more options in the draft? I know losing sucks, but sometimes things must get worse before they can get better.

John Gillon

John Gillon

Author at SportsTalkLine
Denver Broncos Senior Analyst providing - hopefully - non-biased, intelligent analysis. An example: Denver has been less than optimal at the quarterback position.
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