Chiefs Pass Browns

Yes, it wasn’t ground shattering that the Chiefs beat the Browns, but here are some takeaways: The offensive line did enough to protect Mahomes to not wreck the game, there are enough balls to go around in this offense, and the defense only needs one stop for the Chiefs to win.

Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid are proving to be a nearly perfect match of quarterback and head coach. On this offense one thing is happening that has never happened in the league before, there ARE enough balls to go around. Think about it. It’s why Kelce, Hill, and Hunt block so well. It’s because they know their time is coming. One game Hill goes off, the next Kelce and Hill get theirs. As the reader have you also noticed I haven’t mentioned Sammy Watkins or Kareem ” The Dream Hunt yet? This offense has so many playmakers that a defense simply has to pick one guy to shut down, then let the others beat them. This offense is putting up bigger numbers than video game numbers. Believe me, I’ve plugged in Madden 19 and tried. No team in the NFL can stop them, but the Chiefs can’t stop anyone either.

Coming into the week I thought this would be the game the Chiefs’ defense got right. In short, I was wrong, but the Chiefs made a few stops and that’s all that’s needed. This team is playing the game the league wants. It’s no secret the league wants high scoring games and big plays because it gets butts in seats and eyes on the television. No one plays this game better than this team right here right now. If it’s Kelce making a touchdown catch in triple coverage or Tyreek Hill catching a bomb. All the defense has to do is get one or two stops the whole to get a win, and they’ve done it almost every game this year. They will also continue to do it the rest of the year. But one team they may not be able to get even one stop on is the Rams. Circle November 19th on your calendar and clear your schedule, It’ll be a big test for Mahomes and I’ll be sure to keep you updated all the way leading up to kickoff.

Nich Wood

Nich Wood

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