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Chargers QB Philip Rivers in Concussion Protocol

Philip Rivers Jersey

I’ve never met the guy, but I’m having one of those “kill the messenger” moments as I read Ian Rapoport’s tweet in regards to Chargers QB Philip Rivers.

I don’t remember any “HUGE HIT” on Rivers from this past weekends OT loss. I do know that River’s is a warrior and as he “self-reported” I am pretty certain Mrs. Rivers had a hand in this. Good for her!

Head injuries have been shrugged off ever since I can remember being given the “he-man” treatment. Bad moves. They are for real. The short and long term dangers are for real.

I feel certain it took a LOT of pain, dizziness or whatever other symptoms River’s was feeling for him to self-report. All of us here at STL send our best and hope for a speedy, and full recovery.

Kellen Clemons is next man up.

What say you Sports Nation?

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