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Orange County Chargers


The NFL in Southern California has always revolved around the city and county of L.A.  From the Dons, Bulldogs and The Rams, when it comes to football history Orange County is never mentioned.


Orange County is miles outside of Los Angeles County.  It is the unknown county. The hidden county.  L.A. and Orange County might be neighbors, but their rivalry is as strong as Iran and Iraq.  If you’re a resident of Orange County you want nothing to do with Los Angeles If you’re a resident of Los Angeles you rarely ever patronize Orange County. Miles apart these two counties have an invisible wall between them. The rivalry cranks up 100 times when it comes to politics.

The Dodgers are the most popular team in Los Angeles County, but that ends at Orange County.  The Angels are the boss.  When the California Angels changed their name to L.A. it was/is considered an insult. They lost fan base.

Orange County history of pro football is very real. The Rams left the Coliseum and moved to Anaheim Stadium. The Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is considered the greatest venue in Southern California. Anaheim Stadium was quietly the greatest place to watch pro football.  They always forget the Rams were very popular and had a strong fan base in Orange County.  Anaheim Stadium would never host a Super Bowl. Anaheim Stadium would later be cut down to size and renamed Angels Stadium.

All this was decades ago. Things have changed rapidly. You could find an Apartment in North Orange County for around five hundred dollars in a neighborhood that your vehicle may be broken into a few times with tagging on the walls. I can’t imagine the price of the apartment in 2018.

Orange County Chargers

The Chargers moved their training camp to Costa Mesa.

chargers players photo
Photo by SD Dirk

A city in South Orange County that some consider to be the best-kept secret. (ed note: it is) Who wouldn’t want to attend Chargers camp in this city? Adding the Chargers training camp to Costa Mesa makes it stronger.  Manyhissed at the Chargers moving north of the five. Costa Mesa may be the highest ranked training camp in pro football. Those who visit Chargers camp won’t want to come back home.

The Chargers are now the LA Chargers. OC Chargers has a great ring to it.

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