Red Rivers

The Chiefs came to the Stub and left the Charger fans seeing red. The Chiefs winning streak over the Chargers continues at 9 with a 38-28 win. It has been over 4 years since the Chargers have beaten Kansas City.

The Stub

A beautiful day for football at the Stub. A sold-out crowd was treated to a shootout. The Chiefs were favored to win, and are expected to make a playoff run. Although Charger fans were loud, the Chiefs would quiet the Stub early and often.  Charger fans would endure another loss to the rival Chiefs.

Philip Rivers

Philip Rivers and the Chargers would chase the Chiefs all game.  As usual, Rivers would have a great day.  He would throw for 34-51 for 424 and 3 TDs with 1 int. The Chargers did lead 3-0 early but that would vanish on a Tyrek Hill punt return for over 40 yards.

Chargers Rushing

Melvin Gordon and Austin Ekeler would combine rushing for over 100 yards.  This is exactly what the Chargers are looking for.

AFC West

Not only did the Chiefs look good, the Chargers other rivals the Broncos win a huge game against the Seahawks. The AFC West would adopt two new quarterbacks. Case Keenum(Broncos) and Patrick Mahomes( Chiefs) would open the season brand new in the AFC West. Case Keenum had a tremendous day against the Seahawks.

Despite having to adjust to the great Denver altitude, Keenum looked as if he played with the Broncos his whole career. Case Keenum would throw for 29/38 for 329 yards and 3TDs.  Bronco fans will never worry about the quarterback position again. Patrick Mahomes also had a great and finished at 15-27 for 256 yards with 4 TDs. Mahomes in his rookie debut looked poised.

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Next game

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