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NFL – AFC West

The AFC West has been weakened for some time. This season will see in a shift in power. The AFC West could have three teams in the playoffs in 2019.

Denver 13-3

Even though the Broncos have had dismal seasons, they are one player away from the playoffs. The Broncos Trevor Siemian, Paxton Lynch, and Brock Osweiler quarterback conundrum is resolved and Case Keenum is the cure for Bronco quarterback impotence.

Keenum is maturing daily. He understands the playoffs, was one game away from the super bowl. Keenum is the real deal.  The Broncos defense is still very strong. Drafting  Bradley Chubb was another boost to a strong unit. Don’t blame the Bronco defense for last years dismal season.

Very rarely do we ever see a Bronco playoff drought. This latest one reminds Bronco fans of the Wade Philips days of the nineties. He was dismissed very quickly and replaced by Mike Shanahan. The result was back to back super bowl victories as the leader of the Broncos. Mike Shanahan remains the greatest Bronco coach.

Denver will make the playoffs.


Kansas City 12-4

The misery and suffering of Chief fans has to come to an end. The Chiefs have tested the loyalty card with their fans for decades.  Those who think  Bills or Browns fans are the greatest, need to examine Chiefs history.  It has been 48 years since a Super Bowl victory. Since that time, the Chiefs have had an abundance of great teams with multiple playoff runs.

Always one or two games short. The suffering is multiplied with their greatest rivals, the Denver Broncos winning multiple Super Bowl victories. The fiercest rivalry in pro football maybe the Redskins and Cowboys, quietly the Chiefs and Broncos is very heated. Not only do these cities rival one and other, so do the states. The dividing line starts in Nebraska.

Patrick Mahomes will be the starter for the Chiefs. Alex Smith was traded to the Redskins. Just like previous Chief quarterbacks, Smiths time in Kansas City was filled with playoff runs. Like the aforementioned quarterbacks, he would fall short.

Patrick Mahomes is Brett Favre times two.  Arm strength is beyond good. Size is what makes Mahomes fearless when running the ball. The Chiefs may have found their quarterback. They don’t have any needs like their rivals. The defense Strong Safety Eric Berry will be a massive force.  Berry was out for the majority of last season. It stung the defense. Not this year.

Kansas City will make the playoffs.


The Chargers 11-5

The Chargers second season in Los Angeles will end with greatness. Philip Rivers is still the quarterback. The moving conflict and media coverage that is higher than anything the Chargers have seen, it has no effect on Rivers  All other quarterbacks would crumble with all the distractions. Not Rivers. How can you not like him?

The Charger young talent will be peaking. Maybe this season, maybe not. The Chargers are the only team with literally nothing to lose. There is no pressure on them at all.  Rivers will be Rivers and Charger fans love this

Who knows?

The Chargers will make the playoffs.


Las Vegas 7-9

The majority of  Vegas residents are from Southern California. The support for the Dodgers, Lakers, and Raiders(fans from LA) outranks all teams. Don’t forget the Golden Knights. The Golden Knights sold out the season even before a Stanley Cup showing. Vegas loves its Golden Knights too.

With Las Vegas Stadium twenty percent finished, the PSLs are sold out. Other than the Brooklyn Dodgers moving to Los Angeles, the NFL move to Las Vegas will be recorded as the greatest.

This won’t help the team much for success on the field. This team is still below average and the media always over puffs this franchise up. A recycled coach will not help.

Las Vegas will not make the playoffs.

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