Have Broncos Acquired Pieces Needed to Revamp Offense?

Anyone paying attention to professional football knows the Denver Broncos have been mediocre at best on offense the last couple years.  Yes, it is true Denver does not need the record setting offense they utilized in the first few Peyton Manning years in order to win a Super Bowl; however, last season the offense simply did not do near enough to support their vaunted defense.  Things are looking up however as the team may have acquired pieces to field a productive offense in the future through both the draft and free agency. If the low-risk, high-reward acquisitions pay off,  Denver could end up making out like bandits.

Draft Acquisitions:

  1. Garett Bolles; Offensive Tackle, Utah – Garett is expected to easily slide into the starting Left Tackle role. Along with some free agent signings, him successfully sliding into that role should help solidify the offensive line.  Outside of finding a quarterback, fixing the offensive line has been Denver’s main point of emphasis for several years.
  2. Carlos Henderson; WR, Louisiana Tech – Henderson is a smaller receiver, who has struggled staying healthy.  Assuming he can finally stay healthy, he is a shifty receiver with the ability to get separation and turn short receptions into large gains.   If all else fails, Carlos could be a very productive return man, which Devin Hester proved can keep you on a roster.
  3. Jake Butt; Tight End, Michigan – Jake tore his ACL in Michigan’s Orange Bowl game versus Florida State several months ago.  Due to the injury, the tight end could not work out for NFL teams before the draft.  The severe injury and lack of workouts contributed to a draft stock that seemed to be plummeting into an abyss.  Butt needs to get healthy before having a chance to produce on the field, but the injury is not his sole hurdle.  Jake needs to get stronger and improve his blocking, but he has proven he can be extremely productive in the passing game.
  4. Isaiah Mckenzie; Wide Receiver, Georgia – Mckenzie is very similar to the above mentioned Carlos Henderson.  Isaiah is very raw, but he has shown skills in the return game, good running ability, and potential of being a big play threat in the passing game.  It appears Denver may be looking for a cheap young player to groom and eventually replace Emmanuel Sanders.
  5. Chad Kelly; Quarterback, Ole Miss – Chad is the epitome of a potential diamond in the rough prospect.  The quarterback out of Ole Miss was drafted with the final pick in the draft.  His draft position was, without a doubt, effected by a collection of off-field issues and multiple injuries.  The injuries were tearing his ACL in Ole Miss’ 9th game of the season and injuring his wrist at Ole Miss’ pro day.  Kelly has rare arm strength coupled with very good mobility to create on the move either with his rocket arm or legs.  There is very little risk to this pick; however, Chad could develop into a productive starting quarterback assuming he stays healthy and keeps his head screwed on straight.  Denver badly needs a productive quarterback, as Trevor Siemian appears to be no more than a high level backup in the league(nothing wrong with that), while Paxton Lynch hasn’t seemed to figure out the NFL game yet.  It is entirely possible for Lynch to figure the professional game out or Siemian to prove me wrong, but until then Denver absolutely needs to find a quarterback.  Either three, or another future newcomer, won’t have to put up numbers like the first three years of Peyton Manning’s tenure. Instead, they just need to be the proverbial game manager and not lose games for Denver with that defense.

Free Agents:

  1. Jamaal Charles – While he isn’t a lock to even make the roster, Charles has shown to be a very productive NFL running back.  It would not be a wise to expect Charles to be in his old game changing form after his many injuries.  Jamaal would help Denver just by being a productive receiving back out of the backfield or just having a couple productive carries a game.  C.J. Anderson seems to be the primary ball handler, but the NFL has essentially shifted away from having one workhouse running back in the backfield.
  2. Ronald Leary – Leary has been a part of  that great Dallas offensive line the past several years.  Denver shelled out enough money to make Leary one of the highest-paid offensive guards in the league.  The former undrafted free agent should provide solid run blocking to an offense in dire need of good run blocking.
  3. Menelik Watson – Menelik has been injured a lot in his career. There is a big chance his three-year $18 million deal is way too much, but some people also said that about Peyton Manning’s contract with Denver!  Watson will be given every opportunity to win the right tackle spot, further solidifying the offensive line.  If he pans out, John Elway will once again look like an evil genius.

While it is entirely possible for every one of these acquisitions to have about as much success as Albert Haynesworth after his big contract with the redskins, it is reasonable to believe several could produce at a high level.  If they do workout, especially at the O-line and Quarterback positions, Denver could very well be back in a Super Bowl in the coming years.

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