Who is the Denver Broncos QB of the Future?

The ripples in the water from Free Agency have all calmed down. The NFL Draft is in the rear view mirror. The first round of (voluntary) OTA’s has come and gone. Mandatory OTA’s are up next and NFL Training Camps are just around the corner.

As we get closer and closer to the next NFL season, one question resonates throughout the mind of every Denver Broncos fan. That question is: “Who will be our quarterback of the future and is he currently on the roster?”.

We recently ran a twitter poll to see what fans’ thoughts were on the matter, and, honestly, the results caught me by surprise.

The results were as follows:

Paxton Lynch – 34%:

The surprise winner in the poll, in my opinion, is the second year man out of the University of Memphis.  Lynch was a late first round pick in the 2016 NFL Draft.  During his first season, Lynch was underwhelming when given the chance to play.  Yes, I know the NFL is an extremely difficult adjustment for quarterbacks, but Paxton seemed almost unable to even be effective out of the pocket at times.  Als0, his inability to win the job over Siemian, who is, in my opinion, at best a top-flight replacement quarterback.

Trevor Siemian – 24%:

Siemian was Denver’s starting quarterback last season, and is expected to hold onto his job this season.  Trevor is a productive game manager, but I’m not sold on his ability to lead the team into the postseason.  He has shown flashes, most notably last season’s OT game vs Kansas City.  While Denver only truly needs a Trent Dilfer like quarterback, Siemian may not be that guy.

Chad Kelly – 17%:

I’ve discussed Chad Kelly’s ability to potentially win the job in my previous articles, but I will elaborate slightly here. First off, I do not expect Chad to win the starting quarterback job. What I do expect, however, is for him to fight like hell for a chance to win the job if healthy.  We all know the extracurriculars that come with Chad off the field. They’re undeniable.  His natural skills for playing the position are also undeniable.

2018 Draft Choice – 25%:

Josh Rosen, Sam Darnold,  and Josh Allen are some of the top names being thrown around for the quarterback position in the 2018 Draft.  Denver would most likely have to trade up in the draft to acquire any of these prospects, but I believe John Elway would make the move if he thought one was the answer.

I have to be honest, I expected Siemian or the draft choice option to run away with this vote.  Siemian because he has been the starter, and a Draft choice mainly because of the less than stellar quarterback play of Lynch and Siemian.  I couldn’t help but wonder if the Lynch vote was more trusting in John Elway’s decision making than trusting in Lynch himself.  If that’s the case, I get it.  You do not want to have wasted a first round pick on a bust at quarterback. We have all seen that story a ton of times, typically involving the Cleveland Browns.  This could be me over analyzing the situation, but Lynch just has not impressed me at all on the gridiron since he was drafted.  Lynch could have an amazing sophomore season and make the Twitterverse right, but currently I don’t see that happening.  I firmly believe Denver will be in the market for a quarterback come next year’s Draft, as they look to transform back into a Super Bowl contenders.

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