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Broncos QB Mess, What Happened?

Brock Osweiler

Denver’s quarterback situation is a mess, everyone knows it.  They have no clear No. 1.  What they do have is a top level replacement quarterback, an exciting prospect, and a potential steal in Chad Kelly.  A recent Woody Paige article, terrific as usual, really shows just how much the Brock Osweiler situation hurt Denver in the 2016 draft.

Denver lost Osweiler and preceded to draft Paxton Lynch in 2016.  Had they kept Brock, they could have used their pick on a tight end they desperately needed. Denver could still have taken a quarterback later in the draft, Dak Prescott anyone?

Paige points out John Elway’s interest in Dak.

“It must be remembered that the other quarterback who intrigued Elway was Dak Prescott. Would the Broncos have picked Prescott instead of safety Justin Simmons at 98th?”

Osweiler is notorious for under-performance, see 2017 with the Texans.  A good question is would he have done better in Denver? The answer is unequivocally no. Denver had a weaker O-Line, which manifested itself in every quarterback on the roster getting injured.  While Denver was unfortunate to be thrown into their current predicament, they ultimately dodged a big money bullet.

Now, back to how he is the main culprit in this fiasco.  Denver losing him led to the unfortunate signing of Mark Sanchez, Mr. Butt Fumble. Another safe bet is those Colin Kaepernick rumors would have been nonexistent.

What would the quarterback room look like if Brock didn’t take the money and run?  There is a possibility they draft Dak.  This means Brock, Dak, and T-Sim battling it out for the job with the smart money on Dak.  This, however, completely alters the landscape of the league, which I’m not a fan of doing.  The best alternative would be Brock starting over Trevor with a possible late round pick as third-string, just not Chad Kelly.