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I Got a Really Big Team, They Need Some Really Big Rings

I know what you’re thinking. “Did he really write an entire post on the Patriots Super Bowl rings?”

The answer is simple: yes, yes I most certainly did.

These are not just any Super Bowl rings. They’re the largest in NFL history, with an average of 283 diamonds and an individual value of nearly $40,000.

They are a product of the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history. They also complete Tom Brady’s set, giving him one for the thumb (or a certain other finger, depending on who you ask in New England).

Let’s look at the details on this ring and see why it is so cool in so many different ways:

– First, to get to the rings the Patriots players and coaches had to unlock a box. The combination for these locks was 8-3-1. That set of numbers was symbolic for New England because this was the time remaining on the clock in the third quarter of Super Bowl 51 when the Falcons took a 28-3 lead. In an incredible coincidence, it also happened to be the time on the clock when Dont’a Hightower stripped the ball from Matt Ryan, making the comeback seem plausible for the first time.

– The rings averaged 283 diamonds. That number is pretty self explanatory, as the Patriots were down 28-3 halfway through the third quarter before mounting the largest comeback in Super Bowl history. That number will always have a special meaning for those Patriot players and Patriot fans.

– “Unequivocally the Sweetest” was etched onto the rings. This is how Robert Kraft described the Super Bowl win. This was a reference to the drama of Deflategate that had unfolded over the previous two years that had cost the Patriots a first round draft pick, and had cost Tom Brady the first four games of the 2016 season (just as a reminder, that all came about from a sting operation that produced no legitimate evidence and threw a star NFL player under the bus for an infraction that there was no proof that he had any hand in. Just saying.) Kraft, like most Patriot fans and players, knew how good it felt to win and rub it in Roger Goodell’s face after all the setbacks that had been handed to them.

– My favorite fact about the rings comes from the price. The NFL pays for the first 150 Super Bowl rings for each team. With a price tag of nearly $40,000 per ring, the NFL had to dole out over $5 million for the Patriots Super Bowl rings. Coincidently enough, that is about how much they payed for the Wells Investigation, the sham of an inquiry by Ted Wells that tarnished the reputation of Tom Brady and the Patriots with nothing but falsehoods and conjecture. The NFL spent that $5 million on the investigation, only to have the results end all for naught as the Patriots won the Super Bowl once again.

This ring meant a lot for the team, and for the fans. It has been a long two years since Deflategate. Many around the country still look sideways at the Patriots and accuse them of cheating. It’s hard and tiring for Patriots fans to defend their team against those who refuse to look at the facts of the case that clearly indicated no actual wrong doing. This was a sigh of relief for New England, as finally the beast is put to rest. Roger Goodell won a number of small battles against the Patriots by taking away a first round pick, and suspending Brady for four games. But in the end, the Patriots had the last laugh by overcoming all of this to win their fifth Super Bowl in the last 17 years.

This really was unequivocally the sweetest.

Until next time- B$

Photo by mackcollier