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The NFL Doesn’t Have a Patriots Problem, The Steelers Do

New England Patriots vs the Pittsburg Steelers at Gillette Stadium

The last time a player from the Steelers predicted they were going to defeat the Patriots was back in 2007.  It was defensive back Anthony Smith who boldly predicted a victory which ended up backfiring as it really fired up the likes of Tom Brady and Randy Moss who both felt disrespected by it along with the rest of the team.  They let Smith know exactly how they felt.

New England Patriots vs the Pittsburg Steelers at Gillette Stadium

The Steelers ended up losing that game and have had little success since then against the Patriots going 1-5 in games in which Tom Brady is playing.  In those games, according to NFL research, Tom Brady has 19 touchdowns and zero interceptions along with a completion percentage above 70% and a passer rating of 127.5, not to mention he averages 314.8 yards per game.

However even with their recent difficulties the Steelers still believe they can beat the Patriots and (obviously) aren’t afraid to say it.

In a recent discussion with ESPN, Steelers LB Ryan Shazier added some fuel to the fire when asked about how he feels about a fan perception that the Steelers “have a Patriots problem,” he rejected that and suggested that it was the NFL who has a “Patriots problem.”  Shazier went on to say, “I feel we are going to get them when we need to get them.  And at any day I feel we can win the Superbowl.  We might have had a problem in the past but I think we are going to be ready this time.”

This may be how Shazier honestly feels but this doesn’t make anything easier for the Steelers.  The same Patriots team that beat them 36-17 in last year’s AFC championship have upgraded their roster significantly.  While always preaching ignore the noise and focus at the task at hand, they will remember this.

Especially when these two teams play each other week 15 with potential playoff seed implications on the line as well as the possibility of a rematch in the AFC title game.

Thank you, now we’re on to more sports talk.