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Michael Vick Compares Himself to Wrong Player

Michael Vick

One of the more tone-deaf stories making it’s way around the blog-o-sphere is how recently Michael Vick is comparing himself to 2018 NFL Draft hopeful and 2016 Heisman winner Lamar Jackson (here and here for example). I have no idea what Jackson has done to upset the football gods.

We could dwell here at the easy money tree, however the question is why would you condemn a NFL prospect in other teams eyes by telling them the upcoming player can’t easily pick up a playbook, has questionable accuracy, perhaps needs speech lessons so he can command a huddle, is unable to effectively operate from a pocket and will most likely throw his head coach under the bus in a New York minute? Yes, these traits are all undeniably part of Vick’s NFL legacy.

However Vick touting he is helping someone while in reality he’s most likely just keeping his name in the news isn’t whats so wrong about the entire conversation. What’s wrong is Vick has picked the incorrect person to compare himself to and especially the wrong traits. You see the NFL already has the next Michael Vick. He’s real. He’s here already. It’s a shame he’s not being talked about more.

Defensive tackle Terrence Cody, formerly of the Baltimore Ravens is another human (?) who murders dogs for entertainment. Released from incarceration in September the former NFL DL and current animal cruelty convict is now available for any NFL team to bring on board. All they have to do is reconcile themselves and their fan base with giving a (very) talented guy who locked his pet (?) Canary Mastiff in a crate without food or water or cleaning for over a month before it horribly died.

Yes, after paying $8,000 for the pure breed bundle of human companionship the (let me be blunt) cruel, heartless, pitiful excuse for a human being proceeded to torture the animal until it was dead. Starvation AND solitary confinement are both recognized as torture.

So here is a shout-out to Michael Vick letting him know his REAL legacy (unfortunately) won’t die anytime soon. Vick’s moral clone was released by the Ravens however there is a petition to get him banned from the NFL one can find here along with more details on the story.

Cody only served six months of his nine month sentence getting three months off for “good behavior.” I am fairly certain other inmates without his resources did their full time. I know his dog didn’t get any swag for good behavior and by all accounts was a VERY good boy who died hungry and terribly lonely in a small box (close your eyes and think about that for a moment).

Michael Vick will continue to work his way back behind the short term memories of new fans and a forgiving and tone-deaf mainstream media. I had a dog growing up. I won’t ever forget. There is a special place in hell for you Michael Vick. You’ve shown no obvious remorse nor tried to work for animal rights causes. You are (IMO) un-reformed and deserve soooo much more punishment than you received. Unlike your former pet (?) at least you won’t be lonely in your special place. Make room. Terrence Cody will be joining you one day if the fates have any sense of justice.

Atlanta Falcons fans … you had no idea. Eagles, Jets & Steelers  fans …. after signing post-convict Michael Vick Is Cody going to be your next teammate? Were you, are you ok with your teams decision to sign the morally challenged player?

I have to say I am most shocked at the Steelers being on the list. It just doesn’t jibe with the face they put forward. However. the NFL is a business and in today’s reality you the fans have the power. The team will respond to your will. Will Terrence Cody be the next guy on your team or can/will you speak up and make a difference for justice? Call your team and let them know. It’s a fact the Eagles fanbase can make one pay attention. They or any NFL fan can make a team sit up and take notice.

Did you ever watch Lassie as a kid? Make the call.

What say you Sports Nation?

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