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Cowboys Ezekiel Elliott’s NFL Suspension – Looming

Ezekiel Elliott

Let’s get the cliche machine fired up right off the bat. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. After (literally) months and months of investigating the alleged 2016 domestic violence allegation brought against the Cowboys running back the NFL is “rumored” to be ready to finally bring the saga to a close after finishing their investigation and sources are reporting the NFL powers-that-be seem determined to hit the NFL rushing leader with some kind of punishment, albeit not for domestic violence of which there seems to be no direct evidence.

ESPN, Sports Illustrated and a who’s-who of talking heads are all reporting some variation of the story. The short version is the NFL doesn’t have direct evidence of domestic violence which would be a mandatory six game suspension. This punishment is not what is being discussed in back rooms as the term “short suspension” is being bandied about with two games being the accepted number for that descriptor.

A quick sidebar … that would mean the NFL Rushing Leader would miss the September 10th opener versus the Giants and the next weeks matchup in Denver with the Broncos.

Michael Rapaport may very well have hit the nail on the head with his pot take.  A two game hit would be right on target if the NFL found that Elliott had been in possession of or partook of the evil weed the league is soon going to ok it’s players to use. To be blunt, it’s already another black eye for the NFL which has mastered the art of turning any investigation into a multi-year-media-cluster-fuck. The entire event is a target rich environment for anyone wanting to find examples of corporate disconnect and it raises far more questions than it could ever answer at it’s eventual culmination.

  • Why has the league been pursuing this for over a year?
  • Are rumors of Mara (Giants owner) and his anti-Cowboys agenda at the root true?
    (Probably – Billionaire grudges run deep.)
  • Would the league have handled this differently for a backup RB?
    (LOL – you know it!)

Let’s recap. The NFL is gearing up to “punish” a player for something they have no proof of. The NFL is going after a player due to an event the alleged “victim” bragged she was going to create via text message. Taking a year to get the same results as law enforcement, the NFL found no corroborating testimony or physical evidence. The NFL is now rumored to be using the testimony of various individuals in regards to recreational marijuana usage before the said player was an actual employee in order to invoke some kind of punishment.

At this juncture the league has sent their findings to Ezekiel Elliot’s representatives and are awaiting their response before adjudication.

I have but one question. Is this the type of power we want any corporation in America to have?

What say you Sports Nation?

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