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Patriots Players On Defense To Focus On During Training Camp

Stephon Gilmore

Training camp is approaching and it’s starting to feel like football season again for Patriot fans and they’re pumped.  That’s understandable as most fans are excited about their team’s training camp but this season is different.

There are contributors top to bottom at receiver and in the backfield, Gronk is back, and all of the new acquisitions this offseason makes for a lot of hype and excitement.  Last week I identified a player at each position group on offense that should be focused on.  Now I will focus on the defense which was amongst the best in the NFL and it will be fun to watch, especially with the new talent acquired.

CB:  Stephon Gilmore No. 24

The Patriots made a huge splash in free agency when they acquired Stephon Gilmore on an affluent contract.  Gilmore’s unique combination of physicality and speed is why the Patriots got him and he has meshed well with the system and team admirably so far.  It should be fun to see him competing with the weapons we have on offense.

D-Line:  Kony Ealy No. 94

Pass-rush was a need this offseason which makes the addition of Kony Ealy even more important for the defense.  Ealy is presumed to be the starting defensive end to pair with Trey Flowers and with both of their abilities to impact a game it should be a nice pairing.  This will be a key position to watch during camp.

DB:  David Jones No. 34

David Jones.  I’m expecting to hear his name a lot as a player that is making a name for himself during camp.  The Patriots signed Jones as an undrafted free agent but I can see him making the team when its all said and done.  He has the play-making ability I think this defense will need this season, players that can create turnovers and always be around the ball.

ILB:  David Harris No. 51

It will be weird for Patriot fans to see a longtime Jet at Patriots training camp but that won’t last long when they see the work ethic and professional attitude of David Harris.  Harris will most likely be alongside Dont’a Hightower while Elandon Roberts is there in the wings.  It will be interesting to see how much he has left in the tank.

Derek Rivers

OLB:  Derek Rivers No. 95

There’s always added pressure being a team’s top draft pick so let’s see how well Derek Rivers can hold up.  I believe he will amaze some people who aren’t aware of his athleticism.  Rivers will be fun to watch and more importantly seeing how quickly he can develop heading into the season.

Ed Note: Click here for Derek Rivers interview

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