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Patriots Biggest Threats In The AFC

Steelers vs Patriots

The Patriots start training camp July 27th and there will be a lot to talk about but for now, let’s focus on the team’s big picture goals.  They are reloaded and looking to win another championship.  First, they gotta make it out of the AFC.  Who in the AFC can be a threat to the Patriots in getting to the Super Bowl?

Normally a team with a solid defense with a good pass rush and a good offense that can keep up would have the best chance at beating the Patriots.  I have selected a few AFC teams that I think fit that mold and could be the biggest threat to the Patriots 2017 Season.

  1. Raiders

    The Raiders were one Derek Carr injury away from being legitimate threats to the Patriots in the AFC.  They have another shot this year with a talented offense and a dangerous duo at receiver via Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper.  Adding Marshawn Lynch behind that big offensive line will only help the passing game.  We’ll see how quickly Derek Carr bounces back from his injury and be able to lead that offense to what was ranked second in the league in 2016 in points scored per game, according to ESPN.  The defense is talented also especially with Khalil Mack leading the way.

    Derek Carr

  2. Steelers

    The Steelers remain in the picture when it comes to the top of the AFC and that is mainly due to their quarterback and explosive offense.  Ben Roethlisberger, LeVeon Bell, and Antonio Brown are the best QB/RB/WR trio in the game.  The offense struggled in the AFC championship game and Bell had to leave due to injury.  The Steelers will be looking to redeem themselves this year and bring an improved defense to the party.

  3. Chiefs

    The Chiefs were a field goal away from being in the AFC championship game to play a team they roasted a couple years previously, that’s right.. the Patriots.  I believe they are also a possible threat to the Patriots in the AFC this year.  They have a defense giving up under 20 points a game led by an ultimate playmaker, Eric Berry.  With Andy Reid calling the shots for the offense there’s always a chance to put points on the board but unfortunately for them last year it was 3 points instead of 6.