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Cowboys CB Nolan Carroll Arrested Suspicion of DWI

Former Eagles and current Dallas Cowboys CB Nolan Carroll has been arrested on suspicion of DWI (driving while intoxicated).

It seems early Monday in the Uptown section of Dallas Carroll was pulled over. He was booked later that afternoon.

Every (recent) offseason Cowboys players … you know, RKOG’s … are getting suspended for PED’s or mass stupidity. Demarcus Lawrence filled the PED slot already this season. Carroll, being a team player stepped up to the plate and has ably filled the “massive stupidity” role for 2017.

Fellow analyst Ben Grimaldi is onto something when he points out how Dez Bryant is the guy that gets fingers pointed at each offseason for various media driven instances that are blown out of proportion yet in truth is a solid NFL citizen and doesn’t even drink.

Regardless of why, Carroll has made it more than likely the Cowboys will now start the 2017 season with two veterans who were going to be counted on for significant snaps sitting at home.

HEY … it’s ok. This is the Dallas Cowboys. You can beat your wife, do the purple drank, kill your best friend or smoke ganja until you can’t remember what team your on it’s all a-ok. You will get a second and a third chance. Just don’t sit down in protest during the National Anthem. That’s un-American and you WILL be punished forever.

That’s some whacked priorities. That’s the NFL.

What say you Sports Nation?

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