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2017 NFC Preseason Power Rankings

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The final week of the 2017 NFL Preseason is just around the corner. For those who believe it’s too early …. Balderdash!!  The AFC is up next but right now …. heck yea it’s time for some 2017 NFC Preseason Power Rankings.

The NFC Power Ranking is weekly with regular analyst, authors, and pundits from your favorites team creating individual lists that we then add together for the combined (and final) ranking.

Below the chart each contributor will list their reason(s) for the biggest move up or down their board from the previous week as well as discuss any detail they feel important to their rankings.

You can sort the ranking from any individual contributor by clicking on their name. You can also use the series links at the top and the bottom of the post to navigate to any specific 2017 NFC Power Ranking.

Ed Note: Click here for the 2017 AFC Power Rankings

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Roger Haywood

Steven Van Over

Ben Grimaldi

Tom McAlister
Green Bay, Packers, NFC North51311
Dallas, Cowboys, NFC East23232
New York, Giants, NFC East14663
Atlanta, Falcons, NFC South92524
Seattle, Seahawks, NFC West135145
Tampa Bay, Buccaneers, NFC South108856
Philadelphia, Eagles, NFC East3101187
Arizona, Cardinals, NFC West1464108
Minnesota, Vikings, NFC North711799
Washington, Redskins, NFC East412121110
New Orleans, Saints, NFC South12791211
Detroit, Lions, NFC North61514712
Carolina, Panthers, NFC South119101313
Chicago, Bears, NFC North814131514
San Francisco, 49ers, NFC West1513161615
Los Angeles, Rams, NFC West1616151416
The Giants win the East while Dallas wins ten games. Wentz becomes an elite quarterback while the Redskins regret not signing Cousins long-term. Rodgers wins the NFC North. Detroit's defense struggles but Chicago stays the course with Glennon. The Vikings defense ranks Top 10 but Bradford will struggle. Atlanta wins the NFC South while Koetter takes the Buccaneers to the playoffs. Carolina's defense collapses and Rivera is fired. Peterson runs for 1,100 yards. Seattle wins eleven games while Palmer throws for 35 touchdowns in Arizona. Shanahan wins six games in San Francisco and  Watkins becomes a star.      
For some strange reason a rejuvenated Aaron Rodgers isn't getting much attention this preseason. I believe Atlanta will use the brutal loss to emulate the Buffalo Bills incredible (losing) run. The Cowboys O is very good. It's D is getting overlooked. Big mistake. The Giants excel at being the underdog. Just ask the Patriots. Arizona is too old. Philly could surprise as their defense is vastly under rated. 49ers are going to be fun. If Bears start rookie at QB I actually move them UP the board. Sorry LA.
The Falcons won't fall apart the way the Panthers, and other Super Bowl runners often do, but they won't be as good so the Seattle Seahawks sit atop of the NFC. Next comes the Cowboys, who have looked good under star Dak Prescott, they get a slight edge over the Packers, who live off Aaron Rodgers. The Cardinals will rebound with David Johnson and the Bucs appear ready to breakout, but will fall short of the Vikings and Giants. Then there is everyone else.
If you have Aaron Rodgers under center your team is a contender. Even though Cowboys dominated most of 2016 Elliot suspension will hurt the Cowboys. Tampa Bay could make a big jump with Jameis Winston at Quarterback and weapons such as Mike Evans at wide- receiver. Carson Wentz development could allow the Eagles to fly to the top of the conference or plummet to the bottom.

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Ben Grimaldi

Ben Grimaldi

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Ben Grimaldi
Roger Haywood

Roger Haywood

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Roger Haywood
Roger Haywood

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Steven Van Over

Steven Van Over

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Tom McAlister
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Tom McAlister
Tom McAlister

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