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Texans 49ers Recap

When you lose to a team that is 2-10 there’s not much you can say. When you lose to that team by double digits there’s damn sure not a lot to say. For the Houston Texans on Sunday this was their reality. If Jimmy Garoppolo turns out to be a pro bowl quarterback then this might make sense, but for now a quarterback in his third start with a team threw for 330+ yards. Speaking of the 49ers, they also picked up another 105 yards on the ground. 

These are unprecedented times for Houston, who in the last three years have not only won the AFC south and won several playoff games, but have also done it on the back of a great defense. At this point in the Texans’ organization there’s not much that can be done due to the depletion of talent because of injury. All levels of the defense are banged up and or showing signs of aging *cough cough Jonathan Joseph*. For head coach O’Brien, I don’t fault him one bit, because analysts like myself continue to uplift this team’s fight week after week, they continue to play hard.

Savage left the game with a concussion after just twelve throws in which he only completed six. Third string quarterback T.J Yates then entered the game and managed to throw two touchdowns, both to Hopkins of course, but it wasn’t enough. The Texans’ defense got ran on , jumped over, moved aside, and flat out beat. It’s hard enough to ask a third string quarterback to throw two touchdowns in a game, you can’t ask him to throw four which is what the Texans would’ve needed to win.

A final score of 26-16 was the outcome of Sunday’s match. The Texans move on to 4-9 with three games remaining. In my opinion these three games won’t tell us anything new about Bill O’ Brien, but rather will show management how depth will need to be addressed in the upcoming draft.

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