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The Gloat: Listless Cowboys Beat Second-String Eagles

Brice Butler

Mercifully, the 2017 season has come to an end for the Dallas Cowboys. A win that cost the Cowboys four spots in the draft, was difficult to watch and just as ugly as the entirety of the year.

There are reasons to question why the Cowboys chose to play starters and important pieces for the future to risk such a meaningless win, but that’s been the philosophy of this coaching staff since they came to Dallas, so it wasn’t surprising they went for a win with their best today.

On the bright side, the Cowboys finally have back-to-back winning seasons for the first time since the 2008, 2009 seasons. That’s significant, especially when you think about everything stacked against the Cowboys this year.

However, everything about this game was gross. Neither team could move the ball, the defenses had their way and it was freezing cold. It was surely the most lackluster game of the season, neither team looked like they wanted to be there.

To Dallas’ credit, their defense shutout the Eagles, no matter they played their second and third string offense, not allowing a point is something to be proud of for any defense. It wasn’t particularly impressive, but it was a strong effort and will go down as their first shutout since beating the Eagles 24-0 to end the 2009 season.

The Cowboys also got a 100-yard effort from Ezekiel Elliott and an astonishing 99-yard touchdown drive for the only points of the game. Unfortunately, the score was marred by Dan Bailey’s miss on the extra point attempt, as well as the chip shot miss from Bailey later in the game. It’s clear that Bailey isn’t healthy, hopefully that’s the reason for his struggles the last two games.

That was the extent of things for the Cowboys, playing out the string and trying to get a win in a meaningless game. It might not mean much to fans, but the players on the Dallas Cowboys feel good about the win.

Ending the season on a winning note was the best thing we can say about the Dallas Cowboys today, but at what cost? We’ll find out in April.

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