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It’s Not All Bad For Dallas Cowboys Offense

As the off-season rolls on for the Dallas Cowboys, all the news seems to be about what the team doesn’t have heading into 2014. It appears to be the nature of the Cowboys and their fans in recent years but it isn’t all bad as Dallas prepares to break their four year playoff drought.

For all the naysayers who like to talk about what the team lacks (a defense), the Cowboys do have reasons for optimism. It’s too early in the process for anyone to make outlandish statements about the state of things in Big D. There are surprise teams every year in the NFL and there are reasons to believe the Cowboys can break their streak and make it back into the playoffs.

Almost all of the upside rides with the Dallas Cowboys offense. They have a quarterback, who despite coming off of a second back surgery in two years, still has the ability to play well. Tony Romo has his detractors but it appeared he played dinged up last year and still threw for 31 touchdowns against only 10 interceptions in what seemed like an off season. It’s too early to count Romo out, which means it is much too soon to dismiss the Cowboys.

Cowboys fans can look to their offensive line as one of the best in the league right now and if the games are won in the trenches, the team should win their share of games. For the past few years people have been arguing that Dallas needed to rebuild their offensive line and now that they have it seems like no one believes it’s enough to make them a better team. That’s a hard point to agree with and an improved group along the offensive line is a major reason for optimism.

Then comes all of the skill players the Cowboys have on offense, which should help them outscore opponents this upcoming season. Leading the charge is Dez Bryant, one of the NFL’s best wide receivers. Bryant has the ability to take over games and as he’s heading into the prime of his career, he gets an offensive play caller (Scott Linehan) who will get the most out of his best playmaker.

Dallas also has a receiver in Terrance Williams who should be even better in 2014, to pair up with Bryant. Williams established himself as a deep threat last season and there is no reason he can’t get better this year.

Jason Witten is still among the game’s best tight ends and he will be a big piece of the puzzle again this season. The consistency of Witten’s production shouldn’t go overlooked and he will play another role in the success of the Cowboys’ offense in 2014.

Another player Cowboys fans can look to forward to this year is running back DeMarco Murray. By owning the highest average yards per carry (5.2) in the league last season and becoming the team’s first 1,000 rusher in seven years, Murray has shown he is capable of performing like a big-time running back. The injuries are obviously an issue but getting another 14 games out of Murray is a win for the Cowboys considering how often RB’s tend to get hurt.

Other budding offensive weapons like Cole Beasley, Devin Street, Dwayne Harris, Gavin Escobar, Lance Dunbar and maybe even Ryan Williams, make this Cowboys offense a very tough group to defend against. That’s where their best players reside and it is going to be the reason the team should evoke some confidence from the fan base. NFL teams have won because of great offenses before and the Cowboys can be one of those teams in 2014, especially since they now have someone Garrett trusts running the offense and calling the plays.

On the flip side it does appear as if the Cowboys will struggle again on defense but even a slight improvement could result in an extra win or two. As we’ve all witnessed in the past three seasons, those can make all the difference in the world. Let’s be honest, though, as much as it hurts to lose DeMarcus Ware, Jason Hatcher and Sean Lee on defense, they still had the one of the worst defenses in league history last year.

So stop looking at the glass as half empty and start looking at it as half full (full of what is up to you), because the alternative is giving up on the 2014 season. There’s a long road to go and one should be throwing in the towel just yet.


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Ben Grimaldi

Ben Grimaldi

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Ben Grimaldi

  • Lee1936

    Agree, provided we have a decent year–for a change–in injuries. Even if all our DLs are mediocre this year, if our rotation guys stay healthy, we can definitely contend for the division championship.
    That would feel gooood. For at least a week or two.

    • Lee1936

      Actually, we can tolerate only minimal injury problems this year, to be competitive. Not just the DLs.

      • McShrek

        Imagine Dez going out early in the year with a knee…………………..what would the GM do?? In his contract year to boot?

        • Lee1936

          Jerry would revise and extend his contract with a raise to $10 million/year for 10 years.

          • McShrek

            Sounds about right!!!!