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Cowboys Coffee Shop – Tuesday Jun 10th

Welcome back to the Cowboys Coffee Shop

Time to share musings and thoughts from conversations had between writers (some become stories) as well as info and links from sojourns around the blog-o-sphere as we research pieces that relate to CowboysNation. Hope you enjoy.

The NFL mandated cap is not going away Cowboys Nation Justin Miller posted a piece (click here) about extending contracts and how Dallas has got severely bitten recently. With contracts coming up for key Cowboys, these are lessons that should not be forgotten by the Cowboys front office.

Finding 5% – Senior Analyst Rafael Vela has been detailing the 5% that needs to be found in order to get off the 8-8 treadmill. Raf’s latest installment is a four page monster about the Cowboys secondary and the call to Man D (click here). Historical perspective to current solution, a great offseason topic.

Football Strategy is a good thing – is pushing a new section a bit more specific than just “Cowboys Analysis“. Often our writers will write pieces about Football Strategy that may or may not be Dallas Cowboys specific. Nicholas Welp produced “The Landry Flex 43 and the Even 43” (click here) which fits in both sections quite neatly. He followed this up with an excellent analysis of “The Phillips and the Fairbanks 3-4 Defense” (click here).  I highly recommend both.

The obvious is not always – Ron Leary was 2013’s weakest link on the offensive line. Leary’s progress this offseason will be a primary effect on how far the line can advance in 2014.  Justin Miller takes us to the point in describing the “Power of the OLine (click here).

FB will be a key camp battle – Tyler Clutts is on the roster from 2013. LSU’s J.C. Copeland was signed after the draft as a UDFA and has impressive potential. The mid season pickup of Clutts followed by the pre-draft visit and subsequent signing invested in Copeland clearly indicates there is a high probability a FB will be on the roster in 2014. Let’s cut to the chase. I want Copeland to win and win big. I want this to be the camp battle that never was. I know what we have in Clutts and I am a fan of his game. The Cowboys need more.

It’s no secret that Murray runs better, a lot better behind a FB. It’s also no secret Romo will be healthier, a lot healthier with a strong running game.  At 5’11” and hovering somewhere around 275 lbs, Copeland can be the hammer in the hole that Murray can cut and explode behind. In 2014, the Cowboys need that.

What say you Cowboys Nation?

Another Left Coast Cowboys Post: on Twitter – Steven Van Over

Steven Van Over

Steven Van Over

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Steven Van Over

  • cowboys maniac

    give me the hammer, please. Put Copeland in and watch those seachickens try to get a pass rush with our improved OL, Witten on the edge and Copeland in the backfield. Good luck with that. Sign the hammer long term.

  • Taylor

    Completely agree about Copeland. Clutts is a nice player, Copeland could be a monster.

  • AustonianAggie

    Articles like this one from Raf were my inspiration for writing about formations-

    • Steven Van Over

      Excellent example!