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Honey Badger Gives NFL Free Agency Reboot

Are you kidding me?

The Arizona Cardinals continue to be in “win-never” mode looking more and more like a rudderless ship in a sea of death as they cut a 25 year old, All Pro safety presumably in order to have the cap space to sign “thanks-for-the-money” QB Sam Bradford to a $20 million dollar, 1 year contract.

That’s not old math. That’s not new math. That’s the math of a team with no idea of where it’s going or what it’s doing. Mathieu had all of the leverage and the Cardinals had all of the dysfunction. End result is a cluster #&^% for the team … you get the idea.

The rest of the NFL could care less. Right now there is an All Pro NFL talent on the free agent market and what was a depleted talent pool less than 48 hours into free agency now has a big, bright red cherry on the top in the form of one nasty, playmaking, All Pro safety, Tyrann Mathieu.

Though all 32 teams would become instantly better by adding the Badger to their roster, a few teams come to mind seem to fit above others. In no particular order ….

New York Giants – Yes, they already have Landon Collins. Now hit the pause and think about it for a moment. Oh yea.

Dallas Cowboys – A blind man can see this fit. Why trade with the Seahawks for big Earl when you can get a younger version off the rack? The one thing Jerry Jones is best at is selling. Get him on the phone with Mathieu and this deal gets done.

Seattle Seahawks – With big Earl on the market and Sherman gone they need new leaders for their defense. This is a marriage made in NFL heavan.

Minnesota Vikings – What do you get the defense that has everything? Playmakers. The Vikes have their QB. They add the Badger and they are instant SB favorites.

What are your favorite landing spots for the Honey Badger?

What say you Sports Nation?

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