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NFL Wabash Weekly

Ahh, the weekly. An iconic past time. And if you can’t Wabash a weekly, why even have the term? The NFL is the name of the game and I’m your huckleberry. Let’s see what the NFL’s media release department has blessed us with this week.

Playing for the Patriots

First, it was the Philadelphia Eagles Lane Johnson. A guy who never actually played for the Patriots. Then it was Cassius Marsh. A guy who had a cup of coffee with the team who subsequently let him walk in free agency with nary an offer. Both players were/are not fond of the “Patriot Way” that is demanded by head coach Bill Belichick. LB Dont’a Hightower is the latest Patriots player (versus non-players) who explained why playing for Belichick is not everyone’s cup of tea.

“It’s not for everybody.” – Dont’a Hightower on playing for the Patriots

In truth, the profligation of articles detailing this non-event are click-bait post given run in the NFL offseason. Does anyone really care if a player on an opposing team isn’t fond of his opponent’s style? Since when does a journeyman’s insight into how to improve the most impressive dynasty of the modern era matter?

Make no mistake about it. You don’t have to like the news to agree the New England Patriots are the best Dynasty the NFL’s modern era has to offer. End of discussion. If you don’t like it, beat them. It’s not a popularity contest. Nothing to see here, move on.

Chargers are For Real

The NFL Network has initiated a series of post over the past few weeks detailing the obvious. The Los Angeles Chargers are loaded for Super Bowl bear. It’s all coming together for them offensively and defensively. Rivers is at the top of his game and even with TE Henry being out for the season Rivers will have a serious stable of weapons to exploit in the passing game and the defense is just plain nasty.

All eyes are on the Los Angeles Rams in the city of angels and for good reason. Funny thing is, they actually may not be the best team in LA. Let that sink in for a moment. The 2018 NFL season will have a lot of its story unfold in tinsel-town.

Are 2018 Eagles the Rich Getting Richer or Realty TV Season II?

On paper, the Philadelphia Eagles continue to get better. the OLine gets another year to gel. The club did seemingly well in the draft. The swell of support from the city has been warm and genuine. What could go wrong? Quite a bit actually.

The Eagles were the Cinderella story of 2017 and did it with aplomb. It was a fantastic story and the loose style in which the team operates has been lauded as the new-norm if you want to be successful in the NFL.

This reads GREAT in the press. In reality …. RB Jay Ajayi has already had some offseason issues reportedly “trashing” a house in LA he was staying in after the Super Bowl and is now making noise about how he is looking forward to a more prominent role in the Eagles backfield now that he’s had more time to absorb the playbook, etc. Coach Pederson was all raves about what great shape Ajayi looked to be in at OTA’s, yet one has to wonder how the input of “Coach Ajayi” will set with a team scheme that did pretty damn well using the RB by committee approach and has significant talent in the RB room.

So after finding his “home” in Miami, Ajayi is trying to mark his territory in Philly and it’s fair to wonder what type of effect this type of behavior will have on a young team without vast veteran leadership to help steer them thru the dangerous waters of post-Super Bowl hangover. Will the Eagles be able to quash distractions and come together to defend their throne or will the little things that so often destroy elusive team chemistry be allowed to wreck the Philly season before it even gets off the ground?

The team leaned on Ajayi towards the end of the season yet they resigned Sproles and drafted more RB talent. Ajayi has always managed to wreck his opportunities so far in his young NFL career. His track record screams “CAUTION!” Perhaps this time is different. Or perhaps this year will be like most sequels leaving the fans wishing they had just watched the original again. One bad apple can spoil the lot.

What say you Sports Nation?

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