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Ryan Williams Could Surprise For Dallas Cowboys

Ryan Williams arrived in Dallas without much fanfare a few weeks ago. Since his signing, there has been very little spoken about the impact he might have for the Dallas Cowboys in 2014, but the running back could wind up being a steal for the team.

The former second round pick brings a great deal of skill to the running back position. He could be a valuable asset to the Dallas Cowboys offense. Williams has good speed and elusiveness in the open field and has the potential to be one the surprise pickups for the Cowboys this off-season.

Dallas appears set at the top of the depth chart with DeMarco Murray as the lead runner and Lance Dunbar as the change of pace back, but neither have been able to stay healthy. If either, or both, players get injured again, then Joseph Randle is next in line to get the majority of the carries. That didn’t work out well in 2013 and Williams could be a much better option as the third man in the rotation.

Williams fits the mold of what Scott Linehan likes to utilize in a running back; a player with good hands and who excels when he gets the ball in the open field. Joique Bell and Reggie Bush proved to be weapons in Linehan’s system last year and if given the opportunity this season, Williams could be just as successful.

The issue with Williams is his history of injuries. He wasn’t able to stay healthy during his first two seasons in the league, which is the reason a talented runner like Williams is available. He was drafted in the second round of the 2011 draft by the Arizona Cardinals and was on his way to securing the starting tailback spot until he ruptured the patella tendon in his right knee during a pre-season game.

In 2012 Williams played in just five games before a shoulder injury cost him the rest  of his season, and he never saw the field in 2013.

Ryan Williams has the ability to live up to his lofty draft status and the Dallas Cowboys could be the team lucky enough to cash in. Lookout for Williams in 2014 if he gets a chance to showcase his skills.

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Ben Grimaldi

Ben Grimaldi

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  • Prince Of Heck

    We should be excited about an oft-injured retread serving as insurance policy for the frequently injured starters? Does not compute.

    • IronRing

      It’s a stab at a top 40 draft pick from the not so distant past with minimal financial obligation. If he shows some signs of regaining form it’s a steal, if not, move on. It’s yet another of the low risk moves made recently. And while it’s maybe no reason to get excited at this point, just maybe we will be excited about it in the near future.

      • McShrek

        Agree that is a low risk signing that has an upside, but injury prone players get..injured..we will know soon enough, they have very little to lose with giving this guy shot

    • Ben

      Look at it this way, if Murray and/or Dunbar get hurt, would you rather have Randle or Williams as your starting ‘back? Nothing wrong with taking a shot on him & it could be a nice surprise

      • Prince Of Heck

        I don’t mind giving him a shot. But based on his past performance and health, I don’t see how expectations for him should be higher than that of Randle or any other auditioning free agents.

  • Lee1936

    Considering that Murray and Dunbar are injury-prone, and Randal showed so little, I’m glad we got this guy. By the laws of nature, injury-prone dudes gravitate to Dallas. He’ll fit right in.