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Cowboys Offensive Line – Time To Believe

It’s time for Jason Garrett to start believing in the Cowboys offensive line. For years Garrett has choked down the Cowboys offense to compensate for the sieve that Dallas fans have come to recognize as pass protection. Lack of a consistent running game, a missing zeal for attacking down field via the long ball and a focus on minimizing punishment to the QB have dominated play calling strategy in recent years. Many would like to point a finger and blame, yet you work with what you have. Garrett is no different and he made decisions based on a long term view. Acceptable reasoning, but it’s time to let the dogs loose.

The greatness of Tony Romo (escape-ability) is a skill that was refined in the Fran Tarkenton tradition. Fran tells the story of how “look out blockers” led to his scrambling ability. After they missed a block the linemen would turn and yell “look out!!” and Fran took off. The Romo patented (or is it trademarked?) spin move just as pressure gets to him along with his incredible toughness were brought to their ultimate levels through necessity as well. This is not really news, but does setup the environment for 2014.

In 2014 the Cowboys took another big step in the rebuilding of their offensive line. Drafting Zack Martin in the first round to pair with fellow first round selections Tyron Smith and Travis Frederick  puts the Cowboys in a very strong position even with a(nother) projected rookie starter in 2014. This group is young and complimented by a rare level of coaching. The offensive line should be a strength for the Dallas Cowboys for years to come.

All of this comes together in the capable hands of Scott Linehan. He should not have the “gun shy” effect from the previous years that seem to have affected Garrett’s recent play calling. Linehan knows he has an incredible offensive line and is in possession of an offensive history to compliment it. Linehan piles up yards on the ground and through the air. His offense plays quicker than most and he excels at getting players the ball in space. This plays to the strength of this athletic group of talented linemen who excel at getting to the second level. This should free up the Cowboys offense to “be all it can be” to coin the popular phrase.

Tthe Cowboys defense will be better this year. How much better will have a lot to do with the positions the 2014 offense puts them in. Can Dallas run the ball late in games? Can they score quickly, forcing teams into obvious passing situations? Can they protect Romo when the heat comes? I believe one answer is viable for all of these questions, a resounding yes. The defense, with the loss of Sean Lee, Ware and Hatcher will have it’s issues. The offense on the other hands should be stepping up it’s game.

What say you Cowboys Nation?

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Steven Van Over

Steven Van Over

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Steven Van Over

  • SmartThinking

    Depending on how you feel about Free’s performance last season, this O-line is 60 to 80 percent fixed for this upcoming season.

    Martin takes Bernadeau out of the RG spot, and Bernadeau was the weakest O player last season. I don’t believe Leary will make the entire season … not with his degenerative knees condition. That makes the LG spot go to the best lineman.

    Depending on the quality and complexity of the defenses they’ll face this year and, barring any unforeseen injuries, this line should defend the pass rush better and certainly open holes for Murray.

    And that should go a long way towards allowing the offense to dictate games for a change and help keep the Dallas defense off the field.

    • Steven Van Over

      Pretty solid take. Contrary to popular believe, Bernadeau was a very good play last year. Leary was the worst player by far. Bernadeau can play both guards and center however. Leary’s knee should not be an issue until after his first contract and could very well be longer. Gives the Cowboys time to find their LG of the future ya?

  • Taylor

    If the o-line is truly dominant, it underscores the necessity to continue to spend time and resources on the middle of the team.

  • Miguel

    Ofense has not been an issue last years. It´s the defense that worries me. How many points would we need to score in order to win a game?
    I know, a lot of young guys are to step up. I hope so.
    Trying to be realistic, I think maybe in 2016 we will be in position to contend to the championship. The rebuilding is at full speed but we need 2 more good drafts to be at an excelent level, I only hope Romo is still around by then.

    • Prince Of Heck

      The offense was wildly inconsistent last year: too few rushing attempts, too many dropped passes, and bad playcalling. A better offense could have shielded the defense by staying on the field longer.
      The OLine should be in good shape either Romo or his heir apparent over the next 10 years.

      • Steven Van Over

        Good call Prince. I seem to remember more than one game where if the O had run the ball for a first down at the end of the game, it was ours. Like three times?