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Caleb Hanie Looking “Romoesqe” In Mini-Camp

Caleb Hanie was looking a bit heavier, but moved like a starting QB in the huddle today. According to ESPN, that’s when Jason Garret took the faux-Hanie out of the huddle and made him put on his own jersey, #9.

Tony Romo is reportedly “miles ahead of last year” and isn’t looking at all like the wincing warrior he was through training camp in 2013. The Cowboys brain trust has a game plan, and letting Romo go full tilt in mini-camp is not on the agenda as Jason Garrett made clear.

I watched Romo sit during team stretches, barely able to touch his toes in the 2013 camp. Romo was fragile. A gamer, he seemed to approach each practice with a wary eye. That (obviously) doesn’t seem to be the case in 2014. Romo answered questions on ESPN with a glint in his eye, a rakish grin and conspiratorial giggle with Jason Garrett not far off that description when responding to questions on the subject during his press conference.

Romo wants in now. The Cowboys want him to be fully healed and are using the extra snaps to increase their knowledge of backup QB Weeden’s skill set. It’s a win-win situation for Dallas and Jerry Jones seems well aware of this as he echoed previous sentiment with his own acknowledgments and wry humor.

Romo will be ready for 2014. He will be playing behind the best offensive line in years and possibly of his career. Arrow is pointing up. It needs to.

What say you Cowboys Nation?

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Steven Van Over

Steven Van Over

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Steven Van Over

  • McShrek

    Let us hope so, he more than ever, will be the key to getting any wins in 2014……the schedule is daunting (I am beating that dead horse again), he will be facing some of the best defenses in the league, and our D remains in flux with band-aids all over the starttying unti

  • Lee1936

    First definitive word on his condition. And it’s very good.
    I remarked on this site several times last season that Tony didn’t look right, too much dink and dunk, with an absence of long passes. A few disputed, saying Romo’s having a great year, and look at his TD/INT ratio.
    So what I’m eager to hear, at some point this summer, is that he can still throw the long ball, and get it to his receivers with authority.

    • Steven Van Over

      You are correct. I took a bunch of pictures of him wincing to even touch his toes (he could not). Raf and I mentioned he never looked loose last season,he also lost a lot of critical conditioning work. However every time I see this questions what comes to my mind is …. “Chicks did the long ball” … yes … I am dating myself 🙂