Chargers’ Season Preview

Chargers’ Season Preview 2019

The 2018 preseason is now closed and an exhibition season observation wouldn’t be fair. Los Angeles Charger fans can expect a mysterious season. Despite playing in a city that adores the Rams, Cowboys (Oxnard) and the Raiders first, the Chargers have sold out the season.

The Stub

It is the second season for the Chargers in Los Angeles. StubHub may be the smallest venue, but it is the best from a purist view. There are no bad seats at SHC.


The last time the Chargers played at a small venue was Balboa Stadium, in San Diego. These small venues are precious to fans. StubHub had many empty seats last season, but those days are gone. Charger fans better enjoy the Stub in this time frame because Inglewood Stadium is coming fast.

Deep Dogs

Fans better stock up on the brew because the AFC West will be no joke. There could be three teams going to the playoffs this season, while the focus will be on the Broncos and Chiefs, the Chargers will remain invisible.  This is what the Bolts want. They like it when nobody is expecting them to do anything.  While Denver and Kansas City will be under the microscope, the Chargers will be loose. The city of Los Angeles is hoping the Rams win the NFC Conference, there are expectations for the Los Angeles Dodgers to win the pennant, throw in the beloved Los Angeles Lakers’ future greatness and the Chargers have nothing to lose.

Philip Rivers

Even the enemies of Philip Rivers love him. Nobody will ever question Rivers strength or fierceness, and he never gets distracted or rattled. The only thing to battle is time. Father Time always wins. How long will he play?  Ask his body. The competitive spirit in Rivers will do everything it can to help the Bolts win and go as far as possible. It is a priceless ticket to watch Philip Rivers lead the Chargers in 2018.

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The AFC West

We know the Chiefs will be strong, even with new quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs will have Eric Berry back at full speed and he makes a huge difference for the Chiefs, especially in the postseason.

The Broncos will be one of the most improved teams in the league. Last year’s season was an embarrassment to the Broncos and their fans. The great owner of the Broncos won’t tolerate multiple losing seasons. The club added Case Keenum, the quarterback who led the Minnesota Vikings to an NFC playoff Championship game last year. Keenum is as real as it gets and Broncos fans can expect a playoff run with their shiny, new quarterback. These two franchises will battle for first place in the AFC West.


The Chargers will finish in a strong, third place and somehow, claim a wild card birth.

Next Game

Kansas City at The Stub

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