49ers: Time to Kick Some Little Giant Butt

(a) A Young Goat
(b) Nick Mullens

Okay, maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves a bit on the whole baby goat. Nick Mullens has only started one game in his entire career. He played against the Raiders, a team that has given up in 2018. But Mullens looked great in his first official start and it has earned him a second. And, it’s another primetime game, as the 49ers take on the New York Giants on Monday Night Football. The only thing I’m not looking forward to in this game is more Booger mobile. Seriously, what were the ESPN Gods thinking?

But the offense looked reenergized last time they played a week and a half ago and I’m hoping the can continue their winning ways. Yes, it will not help their draft position, a topic I have talking about in the past. But the Red and Gold looked as is if they were full of life against the Raiders and the uptick in moral would do wonders.

The 49ers defense is now tied for 7th in total sacks, mostly due to the eight sacks they had against the Raiders. But they are starting to get pressure to the quarterback and it’s paying off. Oh, and the Giants are third in giving up sacks this season. And you might say so are the 49ers, but Mullens appears to have better pocket awareness than C.J. Beathard as he wasn’t sacked at all against the Raiders.

Yes, the 49ers have looked really bad at times this season. What do you expect from a team that lost it’s starting quarterback and running back? But the Giants have theirs and they are a complete dumpster fire that has people wondering if they made the right decision drafting Saquon Barkley instead of addressing the quarterback position. There were even rumors circulating before his arrest that rookie quarterback Kyle Lauletta could be in line to start this season.

No one was really looking forward to watching the 49ers vs the Raiders except for their respective fan bases and even then it may have been debatable. As for me, I am a little sick and tired of seeing the NFC East in primetime games. Sorry NFC East fans, no that was a lie, I’m not really sorry. But Nick Mullens has given the Bay area a reason to cheer again in 2018, even if it is for a short time.

There won’t be any Annexation of Puerto Rico for the Giants on Monday Night. The 49ers should improve their record to 3-7 just in time for their bye week.

If it ain’t football news, is it worth reading?

Matt Woolsey

Matt Woolsey

ProFootball Free Lance Writer at
I was a December baby born in 1980. Married to my beautiful bride Jen for the past 15 years, and father of 3. Been a 49ers fan since the days of Joe Montana, Steve Young, and Jerry Rice. I've been playing fantasy football for almost 20 years, been playing dynasty for the past 5 years. All I can say is I love the game.

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