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Dwayne Harris Signs With New York Giants

Dwayne Harris

Not a title Dallas Cowboys fans probably want to see. Former Cowboy special teams standout Dwayne Harris signs with New York Giants. First broken by Kimberley Martin of Newsday, it’s a pretty juicy contract for a Special teamer not coming off his best season.

Jason Garrett and the Cowboys had a lot of free agents this offseason. They kept some but are watching quite a few walk into high paying contracts after the very successful Dallas season. The Cowboys have chosen to build through the draft as much as possible getting back to their winning roots. The DeMarco Murray watch continues.

What say you Sports Nation?

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Steven Van Over

Steven Van Over

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Steven Van Over

  • McShrek

    This is a considerable loss to a division opponent, glad he got paid but the Giants did over pay him, always liked him….but i predict he will become their slot receiver and out-stat Beasely in 2015…just like Marty B has out performed Jason (stat wise) since his departure…….most won’t like this but the numbers are what they are; Marty B never got a chance to be a significant contributor here…his release turned him into a more determined and committed man with both the Giants and now the Bears……….Durant leaving is the bigger blow IMO.

    • Lee1936

      You overrate airhead Marty B, who is so fabulous that he’s with his 3rd team. In defense of my man Witten, be fair. His stats are down because he’s such a reliable, valuable blocker, and because we have an outstanding set of wideouts.

      • McShrek

        Cannot agree with you Lee, Marty B has been the better TE for at least two years now…he left the Giants for the $$$ and got him even more targets………….Witten is an all-time Cowboy but his prime years are way behind him now…….and why the Belichicks/Walshs of the world keep winning, they most always cut players one year earlier rather than one year later…..Witten has never been the same since he bruised his spleen against the Raiders in that PRE-SEASON game 3 years ago?? He braces for contact after most receptions, can’t say that i blame him though…great locker room guy and leader, but………………and Marty B is not playing like an airhead any longer…look at his stats, playing alongside possibly the best tandem of WRs in the league.

        PS Bennett is a monster blocker as well, in fact that was the one skill that re really fine-tuned while in Dallas…

        • Lee1936

          You are very reasonable, and you argue well. As you’ve probably noticed, I almost always Like your posts. But as for me, I was very happy when crack baby left, and I’m glad to hear that he grew up and improved. I still don’t want him on my team. Now, if some other team had wasted a draft pick on him, I wouldn’t care about him.
          BTW, I see we do play the Bears this year.

          • McShrek

            Thank you Lee you are too kind….best thing that ever happen 2 Crack Baby (hilarious, he was mostly immature and into making silly web videos was he not? maybe i missed something) was being released by the Boys, it was the best thing to do at the time…….yet his skills and production are now undeniable…most of us unfortunately learn from/with/by the 2X4 method, not from verbal advice/suggestions….. j

          • Lee1936

            In my day, he would have been seen as a “goof off” during his Dallas years. In a later generation, a “jerk off.” In a recent geration, a “fuck up.”
            All these terms mean this. He failed to apply himself fully and without reservation–an insult to the team, the league, and the game. May his name be forgotten, and uttered never again.

  • Fan since 1966

    Hated to see him go, but if it came down to a choice between Harris and Beasley then I’m glad we kept Beasley. No comparison as their value as WRs.

    Sure wish we could have kept them both. Hope we can find as reliable and productive a return man….

  • Lee1936

    I like this guy, and appreciate the thrills he contributed, and his usual reliability, and his good character. I’m delighted that he got the big money, and who he’ll get it from, because iast year I got the impression that he had lost a step, and it was time to look for a replacement. Lots of good returns, but short on scoring. Evidently, the front office came to the same conclusion. Considering how good he was on special teams, I never understood why he didn’t do much with the few passes he caught. But he was a GOOD Cowboy, and our ST returns may slump a tad.

    • hardwater

      Agree he was a good Cowboy and sad to see him go but Giants overpaid. Would like to have had him back but not at that price. Durant is gone now too with Carter to follow. Looks like the market is going to trim the Cowboy’s payroll for them.

    • Taylor

      Yeah, I’m glad he got the money, but an excellent ST player is what he is. I don’t see him as a dynamic playmaker as a WR. But, good for him, he seems to be a good guy and a good teammate.