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Can Kaepernick Replace Peyton Manning?

Colin Kaepernick

2016 will not see Peyton Manning on the gridiron. Except for the magic of NFL Films (and DVR, YouTube, etc), that’s over. It was an incredible run, however the 24 hour rule is always in effect.

What’s plan B? Or in this case plan C since plan B walked out the door yesterday to the tune of $72 million over four years with $37 million of that guaranteed. Osweiler is currently setting up new digs in Houston, Texas.

I think Elway made the right call in not matching the deal. NFL Free Agency is where players come to get overpaid in a supply and demand market. Every team has to play in free agency to a degree. Consistently winning teams tend to dabble in the second to third wave of signings getting better value. Denver proved getting the right high dollar players can put you over the top. No one is mistaking Osweiler for one of those players. At the end of the day however Denver is going to need someone to play QB in 2016.

Queue the Colin Kaepernick trade scenario. Take one. Here’s how the story line goes. Kap wouldn’t need to be “the man” in Denver. Yes, the Broncos are losing a lot of talent this offseason, but the core of the defense remains and to be frank, Wade Phillips knows how to seriously coach D.

On the flip side head coach Kubiak is flexible enough in his scheme and approach to make it work for an athletic QB who can create with his legs. They don’t need to make him a pocket QB, nor an exclusive read/option commando. They need to create an offense that will allow Kaepernick and the Broncos to capitalize on what he does well and let the defense win games for them.

No player can precisely “replace” Peyton Manning or what he brings to a team. There was a time Kaepernick was considered the “next NFL QB prototype.” That time, like Peyton Manning is gone. The real question is, will the above scenario equate to victories? The next question is will Elway give up a second round pick for the chance?

Word is Denver is saying a third rounder would get the deal done. However with a Bronco third round selection in 2016 being one pick away from qualifying as a fourth it’s a tough pill for the 49ers to consider. They better not consider too long. John Elway has proven himself to be both competent and active. He won’t wait forever.

What say you Sports Nation?

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