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NFL Urban Legends – 2016 Offseason Edition

Ah, the Urban Legend. Minimum facts, plenty of exaggeration and revisionist history all wrapped up with faulty logic. What’s not to like?

As I cruise through my daily web-searching I’m struck from time to time how pundits start using urban legends versus facts as the basis for their assessments. Then again after being exposed to the current Presidential race it seems the new norm. I don’t like it.

NFL falsehoods are rampant in the age of social media and here to stay. It’s amazing how easily they become part of the fabric of NFL history.

Let’s look at a few.

Urban Legend –  Everyone knew the Dallas Cowboys should have resigned DeMarco Murray and that’s why the offense fell apart once Romo went down.

Reality – As predicted here (and elsewhere) Murray was a shell of himself after the heavy workload. He had two yards versus Dallas in the second week of the season. Two yards people. The only difference Murray would have made with the Cowboys last year is he would have cost more money while sucking.

Urban Legend – With each player transaction the Philadelphia Eagles are recovering this season from the personnel mess Chip Kelly left.

Reality – The Eagles were on the verge of cap hell with huge contracts owed to more than one of the players shipped out. Kelly repeated ad nauseum that cap concerns were the primary reasons behind several of the moves. No one listened then and no one is listening now. After one “off” season Chip Kelly went from genius to dunce.

Urban Legend – Colin Kaepernick’s attitude was the problem last year and he is a locker room cancer this year.

Reality – The San Francisco 49ers coaching staff was horrendous last year and were instrumental in ruining the confidence of the young signal caller. There has been zero evidence of any locker room issues, yet it keeps getting reported as “I bet he is doing … ” or “It would make sense that he …” #ComeOnMan

Urban LegendCarolina Panthers QB Cam Newton is a spoiled brat with a bad attitude that is enabled by the team and his coach.

Reality – When white guy Peyton Manning refused to shake hands, walked off the field and sulked through interviews after his Super Bowl loss it was reported along the lines of “superior competitors aren’t supposed to like losing.” When black guy Cam Newton was gracious on the field but got fed up with having an excited CB from the other team in his ear during his interview it’s reported the opposite. Even articles detailing the two events point the finger “Peyton pulled a Cam after Super Bowl XLIV, blew off Saints’ handshake” reads a CBS headline. Wouldn’t “Cam pulled a Peyton” be more accurate? Of course it would.

Now if you think both QB’s have issues or both QB’s are fine then good for you. Otherwise no matter how it gets spun, on the national level it’s a racial issue . That’s sad.

Urban Legend –  NFL Players want Roger Goodell gone and detest his heavy handed approach to being the league sheriff.

Reality – Extremest tend to be louder and are often looked as being representative of a larger group when in actuality they are not. Think ultra conservatives or ultra liberals in politics. Much smaller than the groups they reside in their intensity gives them gratis. Its the same in the NFL. Richard Sherman doesn’t speak for the masses nor does Greg Hardy or Pacman Jones. In reality the majority of players resent the fringe group that continuously gets in trouble making life difficult for the rest. Agents rail against Goodell because that’s how they sell themselves to younger players coming in the league. In reality the players are much more tired of Pacman Jones than Goodell.

Which of your favorite NFL Urban Legends did I miss? Comment below.

What say you Sports Nation?

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Steven Van Over

  • MadMick

    That first one is unreal and shows a stunning lack of pro football common sense if that many goober-smooches don’t understand the cursed history of the 400-carry threshold and how many maxed out running backs it cuts down the very next season. And DeMarco Murray is definitely more Jamal Anderson than Eric Dickerson. As for Cam, don’t most grounded fans have a much bigger problem with the way he froze after that fumble that the Broncos were able to recover and subsequently seal the Super Bowl?