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2016 LA Rams – Still Gurley’s Team?

Todd Gurley

For a Los Angeles Rams fan when the club drafted stud RB Todd Gurley in 2015 life became instantly better. As grandpa always said “it’s good to be consistent” and with Todd Gurley on board the Jeff Fisher led team would let “ground & pound” drive the bus and fans could count on healthy running stat lines to drive the water cooler narrative through the week. Just look at the totals through the first six weeks of the season!

118 carries, 664 yards, 5.62 YPC 4 TD’s and that’s not even counting the receiving yards. When a club can count on over 100 yards a game from a RB it changes things … what .. hold on … just got a call from my editor. Those are last years numbers! My bad … let’s revisit shall we?

119 carries … ok .. so far so good. 346 yards, 2.91 YPC 3 TD WTF!?!?! Shut the front door. This is Todd Freaking Gurley we are talking about here. Must be a game glitch stat. Let’s look week by week!

  • Week 1 – 17 att 47 YDS 2.76 YPC 0 TD
  • Week 2 – 19 att 51 YDS 2.68 YPC 0 TD
  • Week 3 – 27 att 85 YDS 2.68 YPC 2 TD
  • Week 4 – 19 att 33 YDS 2.68 YPC 0 TD
  • Week 5 – 23 att 72 YDS 2.68 YPC 1 TD
  • Week 6 – 14 att 58 YDS 2.68 YPC 0 TD

Mind blown. Gurley is averaging under 3 ypc every game. With zero carries over 20 yards one could surmise he is actually running for about 3 ypc and one wouldn’t be far from the truth. Is Gurley a one hit wonder? Is the sophomore RB the equivalent of a nostalgic top 40 tune? Actually, it’s all ok. Upon further review it’s not Gurley, the Rams offensive linemen and QB suck. Mystery solved.

This is the line Gurley is trying to grind behind. LT Robinson with a 36.8 PFF grade (poor), LG Saffold 67.2 (below average), OC Barnes 72.9 (average), RG Wichmann 50.4 (poor), RT Havenstein 77.1 (average). That’s a cumulative OL score of 60.88 which PFF defines as “below average.” Ya think? Throw in 72.6 rated QB play (yep, below average) and it really begins to make sense.

Let’s be frank, HC Jeff Fisher has done a LOT of good things with the team. The defense is NASTY, talented and attitudal. The WR’s can blow the top off of any defense in the league. The RB talent is top shelf and the teams components work together proving the scheme viability. But QB and OL continue to be a thorn in Fisher’s side as he has struggled to find competent pieces to play at those positions.

The team is winning because they play hard for 60 minutes and have a dominant defense. Fisher has parlayed that into a 3-3 record which seems about right. For until the team gets a talent infusion along the offensive line AND at QB opposing defenses will continue to disrespect the pass and stack the box as they know with that defense to contend with if Gurley gets going it will be a long day indeed.

With not even one game over 100 yards it’s fairly obvious opponents are NOT impressed with anyone not named Gurley on the Rams offensive side of the ball.

By Goff, it’s time to change that.

What say you Sports Nation?

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