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Draft Can Show Giants’ Opinion on McAdoo

Ben McAdoo

With the NFL Draft quickly approaching there are three outstanding needs on the roster. The first two are needed immediately and that is help at offensive tackle and tight end. If the Giants spend a high draft pick on either position that tight end or tackle will be immediately pressed into service. The third need is more complex as the Giants are trying to look for the heir to Eli Manning at quarterback.

To place this move in perspective the last starting quarterback for the Giants before Eli Manning was Kurt Warner. And since the preseason of 2005 Eli has been the Giants number one quarterback and that will not change coming into 2017. If the Giants do draft a quarterback in the 1st or 2nd round that quarterback will be on clipboard duty until Manning decides to walk away from the game. And that quarterback will most likely be the signal caller in 2019 when Eli’s contract expires.

While many would think that selecting a quarterback says a lot about Eli Manning the actual selection of a quarterback will show the Giants want to keep Ben McAdoo as head coach until Eli’s replacement is ready. McAdoo was brought into the Giants as an offensive coordinator in 2014  and when McAdoo was elevated to head coach in 2016 the offensive system stayed the same.

If McAdoo is still running the offense when Eli’s replacement is under center there will be two unique challenges the novice would have to learn to become an effective quarterback. The first would be McAdoo’s offensive system as it has been noted McAdoo’s play sheet is the equivalent to War and Peace in NFL terms. The future Giants quarterback will need to become well versed in that playbook to optimize Big Blues offensive opportunities.

The second challenge would be currently Eli Manning makes the play call at the line of scrimmage in certain situations. There are two challenges while calling the play at the line of scrimmage. First the quarterback needs to have everyone on the offense know what play to run. This would involve hand gestures, vocal inflexions, and code words. The second challenge is calling the right play.

With both of these challenges could take a season or two for the newcomer to develop a strong understanding of the offense. It would be wise for the quarterback to be the understudy of Manning for a season or two. But all of this would be negated if McAdoo is removed as Giants head coach. All the time the backup quarterback spent on learning McAdoo’s offensive scheme would be for not if another offensive system is installed on McAdoo’s departure. It would be very wise that if the Giants let McAdoo pick his franchise quarterback in the draft that McAdoo is the head coach when Eli’s replacement makes his debut.

Tom McAlister
Tom has an extreme passion for sports has he has participated as a player, coach, and referee of many different sports. Now he has started to illustrate his love of athletics by becoming a sports writer. Tom founded his own blog and is now a writer covering the New York Giants Desk.
Tom McAlister