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Adrian Peterson a Dream, Mike Gillislee Real Deal for Patriots

Adrian Peterson

It was all a dream it seems.  There were reports around the sports world of mutual interest between Adrian Peterson and the New England Patriots. The thought of Tom Brady and Adrian Peterson being on the same team scared many and was something the Patriots had to seriously consider.  At the same time, Peterson stated he wanted to play for a contender.

However, the reality quickly sank in for the Patriots and the asking price from Peterson was more than they were willing to pay. He impressed during workouts, especially for a 32-year-old running back with a recent string of knee injuries.  Durability was still a concern though and with the lack of production in recent years, it provided more risk than reward in this situation.  They moved on to other options.

After having had success stealing talent from division rivals in the past the Patriots decided to do that again targeting restricted free-agent, Mike Gillislee.  Gillislee, 26, in his fourth year in the NFL rushed for 8 touchdowns and averaged a league leading 5.7 yards per rush while sharing snaps with  LeSean McCoy in Buffalo.  With the Bills only restricting Gillislee to a fifth-round tender, the Patriots quickly made an offer.  Five days later, Gillislee officially became a huge part of the running back group in New England.

Bill Belichick Training CampThe Patriots went with Gillislee over Peterson because they felt that overall it was the best decision for the team.  They are all in for 2017 but the Patriots also keep the future in mind.  Deciding to go with Gillislee means they not only got a young player at a lower price but a good player too.  Gillislee is a downhill runner and has good vision to find the holes in the interior of the offensive line with the reaction to bounce it outside when the opportunity is there.  He sheds arm tackles with his strength and powerful running style while showing the capability to break off long runs with one-cut bursts and overall speed.  Gillislee has also shown the ability to catch passes and make yards after the catch which is vital to the New England Patriots offense.

Mike Gillislee is the real deal and next man up for the Patriots.

Thank you, now we’re on to more sports talk.

  • Belinda Maxwell

    What a great story. You hit this dead on. Patriots have always been focused on the future and I think what you have written about is SO true. Great read 👍…