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Raiders Derek Carr – Elite QB or Corporate Hack?

Derek Carr

It’s old news at this point, the Oakland Raiders are moving to Las Vegas as the league does a stunning reversal in regards to the NFL and Vegas. Or to be more precise, it’s NOT ok for the players to make any money that has any ties to gambling, but owners can pocket that cha-ching any time they want.

But it’s not just owners playing the one way street game. Backlash hit the blog-0-sphere after the news broke about the teams upcoming move and a fanbase that has been through it before used social media to vent their frustrations. This didn’t sit well with up-and-coming QB Derek Carr who made it very clear how he felt in regards to fans who were not happy with the move.

I don’t really believe that they’re true Raider fans.” – Derek Carr – Raiders Corporate Spokesman (and QB)

Well Mr. Carr, I don’t know how to break it to you. The people you refer to may or may not be “true Raider fans” however your statement makes it 100% undeniable that you are not only a QB but a well paid corporate hack who cares more about how many homes his owner has than how long a fan has been scraping by so they can pay out the nose to come to Raiders games.

The Raiders have a long, unique NFL history they should be proud of. The players historically had a tradition of “sticking it to the man” as they thumbed their noses at the establishment in general and the NFL elite specifically. With Carr’s revealing statement we are witnessing the end of an era  as now the Raiders roster has been fully made over and instead of talented mavericks leading the team to glory it’s GQ brown-nosers selling the corporate line while coming up short on game day.

After all, football doesn’t make character, it reveals it. Derek Carr just showed us his.

What say you Sports Nation?

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