Watson Finds a New Home in Houston

I have been adamant on refusing to mention or support this man in any way since January 11th of 2016. Those feelings only doubled on January 9th of this year as this man proceeded to not only stress me out for almost three hours, but also break my heart in the final moments of the college football championship. As an Alabama fan, the name Deshaun Watson, haunts us all. This is a guy who was on the verge of winning back to back national championships at the expense of Alabama .

His poise, leadership, athleticism, and big play ability made me sick to my stomach in having to watch it, and as a Houston Texans fan now I can only hope those traits transfer over into the big boy league. Funny how sports works isn’t it?

The time has come for me to be a responsible Houston Texans fan. I have spent the last twelve hours letting go of all prior animosity that I held for this young man in Deshaun Watson. At the end of the day he was a great college quarterback who I felt was the best at his position in the draft. Like most NFL fans, I feel more comfortable when my team drafts a guy that has a good body of work against top talent, which is something the other quarterbacks drafted in the first round didn’t exactly have.

When Houston traded up with Cleveland to get the number twelve overall pick I knew management had a quarterback on the brain. The Texans’ offseason moves have been foretelling to say the least. As the draft night started Houston had managed to solve their quarterback problems in one way yet still needing resolution at the same time. Cleveland saved the Texans by agreeing to take on the egregious Brock Osweiller contract which made us Houston fans around the world extremely happy. On the other side of that, Houston still didn’t have a franchise quarterback in place or anyone close. After Romo decided to be a commentator the entire sports world started questioning “ What will the Texans do now?”, which was a question I was curiously waiting to be answered as well. No calls to Cutler, zero outreaches to Kaepernick and not having any high first round picks made me believe that Houston might be rolling into the season with Tom Savage.

Let’s face the facts. The offense in Houston is paralleled to New England’s. A.K.A it is not the simplest thing to learn. Their is a lot of pre snap reads that have to be done and an ability to remain in the pocket in midst of different packages and schemes. The offensive line isn’t horrible but its also not the Dallas o-line. There is however a strong running back in place, and a pro bowler on the outside playing receiver. We cannot forget last years additions in speedster Will Fuller and Braxton Miller who are both highly athletic guys who know how to play the game of football. Houston needs to do everything in it’s power to strengthen the offensive line and Watson needs to live and breathe the playbook. I do not believe Deshaun is ready start right now in the NFL, but a combination of those two things should lead to a good feel around training camp for the 2018-19 season. This wasn’t a pick for right now nor was it for a project of a couple of years. By picking Watson in the first round the Texans made it clear that they believe in him being a franchise quarterback and I don’t see him being on the bench for more than his rookie year while he learns.

My overall feelings? Well Savage has shown glimpses of being able to manage the game with this complicated offense that Bill O Brien runs. I don’t expect Watson to come in and play right away because of course their will be a huge learning curve especially from a playbook standpoint. What I do like is that Houston was able to get the best quarterback in the draft and not give up a lot to get him. When we talk about Deshaun Watson we’re talking about a dual threat quarterback who doesn’t disappear in the biggest games. As a Texans fan the name of the game is simple : Don’t waist the J.J Watt years. We can now add Deandre Hopkins’ name to that line as well . With Jacksonville and Tennessee also getting stronger rosters there is no time to be complacent in Houston. By drafting Watson the Texans are telling their fans, we plan on winning and winning soon. If Houston can build up a top tier offensive line and add another weapon on the outside whoever plays quarterback will be dropped into a good situation all around.

My Grade for the Pick: B+

James Greene

James Greene

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James Greene

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