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Dallas Cowboys Wade Phillips

Dallas Cowboys Wade PhillipsWhen you really study a team, it can be quite amazing to review the staple of mock draft offerings and look at what “expert analyst” have to say in regards to the Dallas Cowboys direction in the draft. It becomes quickly apparent that much of the claimed “expertise” must be on a different subject, as some don’t seam to be aware of what type of schemes are played or the implementation of the RKOG protocols. Others just seam to be working their personal rankings regardless of team needs.This makes little sense as no matter how much talk there is about how BPA is the way to go, “need” is the driving force in drafts. This is due to the business model the NFL has created.

BPA (best player available) is the path to long term team success. Yet coaches and a few GM’s need to win now in order to keep their jobs. This leads to all kinds of conflict. Project players become riskier, but make a GM look good when they hit. Coaches don’t want the years of low level production to develop a player when they need NFL ready talent on the field. So GM’s tend to chase players with high ceilings and coaches politic for guys that show instincts and have game production on their resumes. Wade Phillips was guilty of these sins as the Cowboys head coach in the draft room and more importantly on the field as youth was given little time to develop on his watch. This was a key aspect of the poor team management that led to the dearth of replacement parts for the team.

The Dallas Cowboys are a team that “seem” to have learned the lesson about the NFL business model that is echoed by the silly draft picks made by the pundits around the league. In recent years we have been able to verify they have stuck to their board. They have cut down on trades, free agency excesses and players of questionable repute. Continuity awareness is also demonstrated as talented coaches are held to contracts. A template for player acquisition is being developed for the new defensive scheme. The scouting department seams able to identify talent at needed positions. A treasure trove of draft picks has been harvested in order to implement the freshly found wisdoms.

Jerry Jones has rightfully been given the blame for the incredible run of team ineptitude. Therefor he deserves credit for a turnaround that is showing continuity (I almost cramped up typing that). There are a lot of holes to fill, but I am cautiously optimistic at the direction the Cowboys are headed. It will take a few more seasons, but the future is looking brighter than it has in years.

Now if Dallas could just end it’s love affair with drafting injured players …..

What say you Cowboys Nation?

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Steven Van Over

Steven Van Over

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Steven Van Over

  • Lee1936

    The topic has devolved to:
    The Man Who Killed the Dallas Cowboys.

    • Lee1936

      Come on guys, cheer up. The draft is in two weeks–Christmas for NFL fans!
      After the draft, we can flail the miscreant for months, and I’ll be right in there with you.

  • Stuck@5

    The Jones’ are a train wreck when it comes to football operations. Unlike Mensa, I don’t think they will miss the playoffs for 30 years just because football is such a random game and the NFL is designed to mean revert. However, I think the odds of this team winning one Super Bowl in the next 30 years are relatively low. It’s mind blowing to write that about a team with such a rich history and 5 rings but it’s probably accurate.

    The F.O. is a blue print in how not to set up and run an organization. The Jones are an epic fail not because they lack football knowledge(they do) but because their organizational frame work and structure is not conducive to success. The head of the committee (JJ) and ultimate decision maker does not know football and is pulled in too many directions. The direct reports responsible for supplying JJ with football knowledge are not close to being the best minds in the business for two main reasons, nepotism and JJ’s insistence on total control of football operations. In addition, his direct report’s roles are not clearly defined(see all of the various titles of the FO employees) and thus jockey to have JJ follow their advice. The end result is entirely predictable, JJ as made following any core principals or guidelines impossible and they lurch from trend to trend. They do find moderate success from time to time(see the recent uptick from the Wade bottom) but the structure of the FO prohibits improvement from turning into contention. The hot hand(s) that has JJ’s ear will cool down, just nature of the NFL, and JJ will lurch to the next “hot” trend. Rinse and repeat. Everything else is just a symptom.

    I doubt Stephen will be any different. His entire career has been spent working in that environment. Where is he going to learn new tricks from? He might be forced to change if the team needs money but the death star has almost assured that won’t happen. There is one Jones family member in that building that might bring another ring. Sadly for fans her name is Charlotte and she is not in line to inherit the crown. Fans need to take a page from Game of Thrones, winter can last a very very long time.

  • Football Mensa

    It will take a few more seasons,……………..just let that resonate. Romo will be 37 in a few more seasons. Sean Lee will be 31 in a few more seasons. JG should be 2 seasons removed in a few more seasons. Jerry will be 74 and STILL gm.

    • Prince Of Heck

      As previously stated, I believe that any future hope lies with Stephen learning from his father’s mistakes as he assumes more power.

      • Football Mensa

        POH , I have no confidence in anyone named Jones. I truly believe this team could miss the playoffs for 30 years if a Jones continues to run the team.

        They can’t build teams through the draft and they don’t know how to hire coaches. To them being the face of the franchise means more than winning.

  • klyngman

    Hey guys. Don’t know how much visibility this will get but wanted to share with you all. Perhaps you may have seen it already.

    I suggest you skip to the play at 0:43 seconds to see what Anthony Barr brings to the table. I have followed him closely since he swapped from FB to Pass Rusher at UCLA. This ability to use his hands, get low, and accelerate is what made him a special talent.

    If Barr is available I would hope we draft him

    • Lee1936

      I think I’d rather have this guy than Donald, who’ll already be gone anyway. It would be amazing if Barr is still available at 16. I really like what I see, including his physical demeanor.

      • kameleon_o

        I like Barr. IMO, other than Clowney, Barr is the closest player in this draft that might replace Ware for us. I don’t think he’s as special as Ware but I think he’s a double digit sack guy. He’ll be even better as a 4-3 weakside DE who doesn’t have to drop back into coverage. He fills our biggest need if he’s available.

  • billy

    because the team seems to have turned the corner on draft day you want to absolve jerry for all the harm hes done over the last 20 yrs? 20 yrs steven we are talking about 20 yrs. hell any grandmother should have been able to get a team together in 20 yrs.jerry and wade should be jailed for what they did to the cowboys. they owe a lot to jason whitten and demarcus ware and tony romo and all the other good players who struggled for them all those years while they stabbed them in the back with idiotic trades and drafts with no players. dont you ever ask yourself how they managed to have a full draft with 12 picks and whiff the whole thing? they did that 2 or 3 yrs in a row with almost nothing to show for the picks. how does something like that happen? jerry isnt doing a lot better, the team is just doing better in spite of him.

    • Steven Van Over

      wow – Gave credit for a thing done correctly. Not certain where you got the “absolve Jerry” message. Feel the pain big guy. Addressed with the “blame” comment. Valid and deserved. Thanks for reading!

      • billy

        after i have taken into consideration all the years jerry has spent mismanaging the team, its hard for me to give him credit for anything. i guess you might give him credit for making himself wealthy ,but then who besides him and his family give a damn about that?
        jerry is a bungler and a fumbler. the only he really had to do after he fired jimmy, is to hire someone who knew a football player when he saw one. someone who was willing to stay in the back ground and let jerry be the face of the franchise. but someone who could be sure the team got at least a couple of good players out of every draft. jerry could have had a few drinks , made a few trades , bumbleed his way along. done some interviews, talked big and still had a competitive team most of the time. he might have even been able to have a bungler for a coach like wade, if he had someone who actually managed the team in a professional way. now im not saying they would win every year. i know all teams have ups and downs, good times and bad, but its a proven fact teams can be competitive most of the time. other teams do it. i guess you could give him credit for making a laughing stock out of himself and the cowboys. theres that. i dont see much else he needs credit for.for

  • Football Mensa

    Who is the author of this article ?

    • Steven Van Over

      My bad. Sick today. Was using wrong logon. It’s been fixed!