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Sticking To Your Board – Dallas Cowboys 2014 Draft

Dallas Cowboys 2014 Draft Board

Dallas Cowboys 2014 Draft Board

History is studied for many reasons, however one of the primary purposes is in order to not repeat mistakes of the past for history (humans) tend to repeat themselves. Another is to assist in predicting future behavior or results. The Dallas front office seems to be aware of these axioms as we have been able to view their boards and assess their commensurate actions.

It’s been well documented recently that when the Cowboys strayed from their board, mistakes were made. When they stick with their board we get drafts resulting in corps player additions who will be with the team for multiple contracts (Tyrone Crawford, Tyrone Smith, Travis Frederick, Terrance Williams). With this draft having 11 picks the Cowboys need to stick to their board and maximize the results.

We won’t know what the Cowboys 2014 board looks like until (unless) Jerry leaks it (again) post draft, however we do know that the Cowboys really, really, really like to draft guys they have brought into camp and had interviews or workouts with. The all important pre-draft invite list is the place to start in creating a board that the Cowboys may actually be looking at come draft day. There will be a few names on their board the Cowboys didn’t invite (of course) but the list of invitees represent identifiable players of interest for the scouting and coaching staff.

Using the above premise, I took the Cowboys pre-draft visit list (by our own Dan Turner) added players recently revealed to be heading to Valley Ranch, used our inside information supplied by TD in our pre-draft series Rafael presents every year to rank the players and did an online mock draft to see what happens if we draft using the players that make the Cowboys go “hmmmmmm”.

Dallas Cowboys 2014 Draft Invitee Mock

1/16 DT Aaron Donald
2/47 DE Kony Ealy
3/78 OT Jack Mewhort
4/119 CB Brandon Dixon
5/158 WR Mike Davis
7/229 OLB Howard Jones
7/231 FB JC Copeland
7/238 CB Demetri Goodson
7/248 QB Garrett Gilbert
7/251 DT Kerry Hyder
7/254 OLB Cory Nelson

Dallas Cowboys 2014 Draft Invitee Mock Review

I did not look at draft depth or positional need, instead using a total BPA (best player available) approach. I was willing to make a one player drop if there was a position conflict and the talent was close. It didn’t happen other than in the first round where quite a few defensive linemen were available. I could have taken Hegamen or Jernigan at 16 as well has WR Mike Evans, ergo a trade down could very well occur in that type of situation. I stayed home and took the rated player. WR Mike Evans, who was snapped up by the Eagles, gave me pause.

Staying true to the board, the Cowboys did lock up two nice talent additions along the defensive line (Donald and Ealy) and followed up in the third by addressing the offensive line (Mewhort). Two rangy CB’s (Dixon & Goodson) give them options next year with Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne, and fast, rangy outside WR (Mike Davis) to compliment their current slot guys backing up starters Dez and Williams. An OLB (Howard Jones) that should shine on special teams, a stud FB (Copeland) who should change the short yardage options, a QB (Gilbert) to develop and a DT (Hyder) and S (Southward) with nice upside. Follow this up with a thoughtful UDFA haul and the Cowboys would be looking at another solid draft.

As a quick aside, I have completed quite a few mocks using various boards and list. No matter how cute you want to get looking at positional depth and/or need, if top line talent is available in the first, don’t over think it. Take the talent. Work your list. A top ten talent may very well drop and change the Cowboys thinking in round one. I hope not. Using rounds one, two and three in the trenches works for me.

We will be discussing this further live tonight, 9 PM CST on CowboysNation Writers Roundtable. Click here to listen live or wait and we will post the podcast here after the show.

What say you Cowboys Nation?

Another Left Coast Cowboys Post: on Twitter – Steven Van Over

Steven Van Over

Steven Van Over

Analyst, Editor, Photographer, Writer at SportsTalkLine
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  • kameleon_o

    Where in the world did you get Brandon Dixon in the 4th round?? Optimum scouting has him as an UDFA. So does everyone else. Probably because he’s not any good.

  • Prince Of Heck

    Did you mean a “core”, instead of “corps”, player additions? And “Tyron”, instead of “Tyrone”, Smith?

    Garrett Gilbert would indeed be the ultimate QB project — like throwing darts blindfolded.

  • juz sayin

    I didn’t believe the hype at 1st because this guy being a small school prospect but Jimmy Ward! let me watch my language but this is a S/CB in one. He look Ed Reed a true Ball hawk!

  • Football Mensa

    Where is Manziel on their board ?

    “History is studied for many reasons, however one of the primary purposes is in order to not repeat mistakes of the past for history (humans) tend to repeat themselves.” < Jerry will be the ultimate study on how not to be a gm. In 30,00,000,000,000,000 years Jerry will still be the example of how not to be a gm. His legacy will reverberate through the annals of time.

    • Yuma Cactus

      I enjoy your comments, tweets etc. You surely have a keen mind for X’s & O’s, talent evaluation and the like.
      But dude, that horse isn’t just dead he is buried and decomposed. We get it, you despise Jerrah.

      • Football Mensa

        Yuma it’s late and imma hit the sack in a few. I will respond tomorrow evening. Just know this though. In football there are two things I despise. Bamma and Jerry.

        • Stuck@5

          Let it out brother! Serenity now, insanity later. 🙂

          • Football Mensa

            LOL Stuck. I think I will refrain from a Jerry tangent on a superb Friday evening here in H Town Tx.
            I like Yuma though. Always states his point in a very concise , pointedly manner. Which I appreciate.

    • Steven Van Over

      Manziel is not a pre draft invitee. Where on their board? $64K question amigo.

  • BamBam

    I’d like you to consider what would happen if Mack fell to them in the first, or Nix in the second. Unexpectedly, a great player who’s not the best scheme fit is atop your board. What would the Cowboys do this year?

  • kjhwk

    I could live with it, but I would like to see us draft Jernigan if Donald is gone..would be a huge push in the middle depending on how Melton performs. Crawford is versatile and pick Ealy or Ford in the second. Still too early to draft offense unless a good WR is available with the 3rd…would look for Sutton and/or Jeffcoat….I like the idea of Turner in the fifth if he’s available. Defense wins championships….Plus it would help the secondary if we had a big time pass rush, help the offense by letting them rest and have more ball control.

  • Dan Turner

    I think Mike Davis could be one of the steals of this draft class. If anyone reading this gets the chance, watch the tape of him vs the guy rated #1 CB in this class, Justin Gilbert of OK State. Racked up 112 yards against him. Real battler, good route runner, willing run blocker, not afraid of defenders and is good in press coverage and when making contested catches. He does drop a few but I’ll allow him that. Big fan (he’s also a Cowboys fan and good mates with Dez)

    • Sure Did

      Yes Sir saw that game against Gilbert .beat him like he was his daddy,Mike Davis also did good against Verrett CB from TCU.