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NFL Draft Rumors — One Day Out

Dallas Cowboys Mock Draft

Dallas Cowboys Mock DraftThe latest NFL draft rumors, courtesy of our guy TD’s canvass of his sources.  As usual, we’re eyeballs deep into the fibbing season.  Take off of this with the proper dose of salt. 

— Let’s begin with the pet cat.  The latest regarding Pitt DT Aaron Donald is, “everybody’s fallback in the top-10 is Aaron Donald.  I don’t see how he gets out of the top 10.”

— The Rams would like to deal out of the 2nd but would apparently take guard Greg Robinson if they can’t.

– If the Rams could move down from the 2nd spot, I’m told Donald would be their target.  Consider how nasty this line would be:  Robert Quinn and Chris Long as DEs, Michael Brockers as the 1-tech, and Donald at the 3.

— That news is disheartening for the rival Giants, who covet Donald but now don’t see how they can get him.

— The Texans would love to deal out of the 1st overall spot, but are not getting interest from anybody but the Falcons, who want Jadeveon Clowney.

— There may be more to the Texans-like- Khalil Mack story than smoke.  “Three sources says it’s 50/50 that it will be Clowney or Mack and two others said their choice is Mack.”

Sammy Watkins is another hot name, as I was told, “he won’t last past four.  If somebody doesn’t deal up for him at two, the Jags will take him at three or the Browns will take him at four.”

— The Eagles, I am told, are set on finding a king-sized receiver.  Their top choice is Texas A&M’s Mike Evans, but if he goes higher they they can move, the Eagles would then consider moving down a little and grabbing Indiana’s Cody Latimer.

— On the quarterback front, I was told Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater likely won’t land in Cleveland in the 20s, as a report earlier today hinted.  Here’s TD, “I was told by a couple of people that they didn’t think Bridgewater was a top 20 at the Combine.  I talked to two others today who said he’s not going in the 1st round,”

— On Johnny Manziel, I hear he’s not going to be chose by the Browns at four.

Mike Evans could be in play for Cleveland in the 4th spot.

— “Everyone is in love with LSU’s Odell Beckham, and the Jets would love to get him or Brandin Cooks.”

— The Broncos are willing to sacrifice mid and late round picks to trade up and get instant starters for this year’s Super Bowl push.  The player they really like in the 1st apparently is Alabama LB C.J. Mosley.

— TD is hearing that four offensive tackles could go in the top 10.  If true, that would pull Cowboys short-lister Zach Martin out of reach. He would be part of a run that includes Robinson, Jake Matthews,  and Taylor Lewan.

— The same sources say Alabama OT Cyrus Kouandjio, who was dinged by draftniks after failing medicals at the Combine, could be back in the 1st, as high as 19th to Miami or possibly 28th to Carolina.

— “One guy I spoke to said people are in love with LSU guard Trai Turner and he looks like a solid 2nd rounder now, possibly as high as the top-40.”

— TCU corner Jason Verrett may be dropping. There’s some apparent medical issue, though it could not be confirmed.  The sources think Verrett could fall into the 3rd-4th area now.

— “No one is buying the [Zach] Mettenberger excuses.  He could be dropping.”

More as we get it. 

Rafael Vela
Started covering Dallas Cowboys @ in '95 and '96. Two more stops along the way and here I am. Senior Analyst for
Rafael Vela

  • pkinsa

    If all speculation is true, then Cowboys need to draft Easley, Reid and Murphy for the DL. Then take OL for depth.

  • Steve Pelluer

    Bortles is to Aikman what Romo is to Danny White

    • Lee1936

      Meaning what, regarding Bortles?

      • Football Mensa

        Bortles can get it done like Aikman where as Romo and White couldn’t.

        • Lee1936

          Aikman had the best OL and one of the top defenses in the league. If his career had been with Romo’s OLs and defenses, his results would approximate those of Romo.
          If Romo’s Dallas career had been in the early 1990s, he’d be wearing SB rings.

          • BVAndy

            In fairness, I believe Aikman’s career would have looked more like Drew Bledsoe’s in Dallas.

          • Lee1936

            Thank you, BVAndy.

        • connery

          The nonsensical overestimation of Romo by some Cowboys’ fans is sheer madness.

  • Bill Clinton

    It’s the quarterback $tupid!! Take the most important position in all of sports – Bortles, Carr or Manziel have to be there with a run on WR and OLine

    • Lee1936

      Jerry has his QB of the future, in Weedon.

      • Football Mensa

        Jerry seriously needs to take his old self and sit in a corner. Just an absolute embarrassment for the team.

        • Lee1936

          Every year since Jerry fired Jimmy, his first pick has usually been a stunning shock, an existential disappointment. Last year, I almost fell out of my chair when he traded down. I was hoping for a Center, but since I had not read up on 3rd round Centers, I had never heard of Frederick.
          That’s Jerry! Even his first pick can make you wonder: What? WTF? Who the hell is THIS guy?
          Tomorrow night, when Dallas goes on the clock, I will be careful to be sitting down, with a glass of water and a baby aspirin within reach, in case my heart….

          • Football Mensa

            Lee with the sixteenth pick Dallas sits in the proverbial “no mans land”. Jerry and his unwillingness to start over and go through a couple of really down years is one of the reasons Dallas hangs at 8-8. There is a lot to be said for drafting top 10 as opposed to 14-17 every year. Contingent upon your scouts actually knowing who the elite talent is.

          • Stuck@5

            I am going to guess that the guys Dallas really wants are gone by 16 and they are unwilling to draft a QB there. The potential for this draft to go pear shaped is not small if that happens. I know I am a cynic when it comes to this team but it all seems to be setting up for error compounding error. First they gave the starting QB all the leverage in contract talks when they could not get under the cap absent gutting the roster without extending Romo. Romo’s agent then draws up the contract and has JJ sign one of the worst contracts in recent NFL history. Romo’s back then goes out before the new contract starts. QB is now a need and they pass on real prospects in this draft. I can see it so easily right now, Romo’s back goes out again next year with no replacement on the roster. JJ panics for the next several years while trying to find the next starting QB while fans long for the good old days of 8-8. Again, very cynical but it makes too much sense not to happen.

          • Lee1936

            Long ago, a QB described his team as “Sears & Roebuck guys.” By that, he meant no top stars, but no slugs. All of them were basic standard quality, adequate. No weak links in their chain. They had just won the NFL championship.
            Jerry always has a handful of stars, but a truck load of JAGs, with few competent backups. He’s known to “reach for the stars,” trading away precious high picks.

  • Juz Askin

    Looks like Donald ,Martin & Barr are out ,Jernigan out for other reasons. Wonder if Will Sutton could flash back to 2012 form better yet if MarQuise Lee could fall back to 2012 form before the injury ,he could give Watkins a run for his money.Man! do we reach for Ealy or Ward?

    • DRS

      I imagine they try to trade back, but if they can’t get a deal they like, I suspect they take Shazier. If not Shazier, take Beckham. WR isn’t the same type of need, but he’s a BPA, and it’s not like we couldn’t use him, or he couldn’t have an impact.

      • Lee1936

        Shazier is not a 1st round talent. Beckham is, and can challenge Dez for our #1 WR.