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NFL 2018 NFC Week 4 Power Rankings

The NFC Power Ranking will post weekly with regular analyst, authors, and pundits from your favorites team creating individual list that we then add together for the combined (and final) ranking.

Below the chart, each contributor will list their reason(s) for the biggest move up or down their board from the previous week as well as discuss any detail they feel important to their rankings. You can sort the ranking from any individual contributor by clicking on their name.

Tom McAlister

James Torres

Ben Grimaldi
Los Angeles, Rams, NFC West1111
Philadelphia, Eagles, NFC East2262
New Orleans, Saints, NFC South5423
Carolina, Panthers, NFC South6634
Tampa Bay, Buccaneers, NFC South4395
Washington, Redskins, NFC East8756
Chicago, Bears, NFC North7587
Atlanta, Falcons, NFC South31178
Minnesota, Vikings, NFC North10949
Green Bay, Packers, NFC North981010
Seattle, Seahawks, NFC West11101111
Dallas, Cowboys, NFC East12121312
Detroit, Lions, NFC North14131213
New York, Giants, NFC East13141414
San Francisco, 49ers, NFC West16151515
Arizona, Cardinals, NFC West15161616
Its only 3 weeks in but have to say Los Angles looks like a team on the mission just need to defense to be half as good as the offense. While Carson Wentz did come back but it feels like something is missing that the Eagles will get tripped up because every other team is gunning for them. Da Bears are in the top half of the NFL just imagine if they had solid quarterback play. Cheeseheads fan have something to worry about as Aaron Rodgers and the 1-1-1 Packers had a poor showing against Washington. In the bottom half of the conference, the Giants and Lions get wins with Detroit getting the biggest surprise by easily handling the Patriots 26-10.  San Franciso is the cellar dwellers this week as QB Jimmy Garoppolo is out for the season with an ACL tear.
LA provides a CHARGErs in win. PHI golden boy rides off on his COLT. TB nearly pulled off another late Fitzmagic. NOLA chases the FALCONS out of its nest. CHI defense abuses the CARDINAL. CAR chased the BENGALS out of town. WASH cut the cheese out of the PACKERS. GB couldn't SKIN a cat. MINN was trampled by a pack of BILLS. SEA COWBOY'd up at home. ATL had their wings clipped again. DAL thwarted by SEAHAWKS. DET got unPATRIOTic with coach's mentor. GIANTS date TEXANS but makes them pay the bill. SF is disciplined by CHIEFS. AZ finds grizzly BEARS in the desert. Week 3 proved anything is possible Any Given Sunday. Can EAGLES catch stride with the return of Carson Wentz?
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Teams to watch Chicago, New Orleans and Philadelphia.
What a wild week it was in the NFC. The only thing we know right now is the Los Angeles Rams are the class of the conference, and everyone else is fighting for the scraps behind them. The Saints were impressive this week, as were the Panthers and Redskins, who climb the rankings. Philadelphia got lucky again, but there was so much lackluster football that they stay inside the top six, which means a playoff spot. The Buccaneers fall, so do the Packers and Cowboys after putrid performances. Surprisingly, here come the Bears, who should be 3-0. The Cardinals are heading down a deep, dark path, but at least they have a young quarterback to guide them.

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Tom McAlister
Tom has an extreme passion for sports has he has participated as a player, coach, and referee of many different sports. Now he has started to illustrate his love of athletics by becoming a sports writer. Tom founded his own blog and is now a writer covering the New York Giants Desk.
Tom McAlister
Tom McAlister

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James Torres
Intern/Writer for @profootballtalkline Network covering Da Chicago Bears.. Chicago Professional Sports Fan, Sport Administrator, Educator, Yogi and Truth-Seeker. #findyourflow #beardown Follow me on Twitter @00jt77
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Ben Grimaldi

Ben Grimaldi

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