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Nick Foles’ NFC Title Performance Leads To Irrational Cowboys Fans

Nick Foles

The panic meter is now at an all-time high for the Dallas Cowboys and their fans, the Philadelphia Eagles are in the Super Bowl. No one who loves the Cowboys ever wants to see the Eagles win the Super Bowl and it takes a toll on the fans. So much so, that fans begin to become irrational.

Last night, as the Eagles were whopping up on the lifeless Minnesota Vikings, Cowboys fans felt it was time to pile on the organization. This go around, it was necessary to attack the front office for not wanting to sign Nick Foles.

That is not a typo, fans on social media were actually attacking the team for not wanting Nick Foles in the 2016 offseason because he was great in the NFC Championship game.

At the time, Dallas liked what they had; Tony Romo was their starter, Dak Prescott was a rookie they wanted to groom and they still liked Kellen Moore. Apparently the last quarterback was the one many fans took an issue with. How could the Cowboys possibly like Moore over Foles?

It seems foolish now, but at the time, Foles was basically homeless, nobody wanted him after the Rams released him. But the Cowboys, who had a starter, a young guy they wanted to develop and a guy that had been in their system, were supposed fall over themselves for Foles. Yup, the third string quarterback choice was firing up fans.

After watching how Foles ended this season, no one was calling the Cowboys stupid for wanting to stick with Moore. Only now after these two playoffs games are fans attacking Jerry and Stephen Jones.

Perhaps this has more to do with the system and the coaches than it does the player. At the time, the Cowboys didn’t have a system conducive to bringing in Foles, it was built around Romo. The Eagles have done a good job at tailoring things for Foles and the Cowboys haven’t been as good in the coaching area. This says more about the coaching staff than it does about the front office.

Fawning over other players isn’t an isolated instance either, Cowboys fans love revisionist history. They love to bring up how well players on other teams play, especially after they’ve been let go by Dallas. Earlier in the day yesterday, it was all about how dumb they were for not keeping Danny Amendola years ago. Yet what you didn’t read was how smart the team was for letting Terence Newman go after getting burned by the Eagles receivers all night long. It’s only the negative they want to focus on, what the Cowboys do wrong.

This is not to say the Cowboys do everything right, we all know they don’t. Sometimes it’s difficult to understand what they are trying to do and they’re frustrating to root for. But you can’t cherry pick every, single, little, mistake, that’s not the way it works. Being upset about not wanting Nick Foles and choosing to keep Kellen Moore, is as absurd as it gets. No one wanted Foles a year and a half ago, not even the Eagles.

Fans of the Dallas Cowboys can’t help themselves, though, they just have to find something to complain about. Some of you need to get a grip.

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