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Stephen Jones Needs To Stop Talking

Stephen Jones

The brass for the Dallas Cowboys arrived at the NFL Combine a few days ago and the fun began. Everyone knows if you put a microphone in front of Jerry Jones, he’s happy to give a salacious quote or two, heck, it’s what Tuesday’s With Jerry’s are based on! However, it was son Stephen Jones who took center stage and he let a lot of cats out of their proverbial bags.

It’s amazing that neither one of them can shut their yaps, especially when it comes to their offseason plans. Stephen was much too forthcoming on certain items regarding the Cowboys. Here were some of the infuriating comments from Stephen Jones on Wednesday:

On drafting a true one-technique player at defensive tackle, Jones said he doesn’t see the team changing their opinion on those types, which means they won’t be drafting one in the first round. That means the team is very unlikely to select one of the best players in the draft and a player who is capable of elevating this defense, Vita Vea. As if it wasn’t dumb enough to limit their options, Jones put it out there that they won’t be taking certain types of players.

“… he doesn’t see the team changing their opinion on those types …” – Stephen Jones on drafting superior 1-Tech defenders

Not exactly the smartest strategy heading into the draft; the Cowboys should be holding their cards close to the vest, not showing the league their approach. It’s the same moronic thinking that saw players they liked, Takk McKinley for example, go right before them in the draft last year. The Atlanta Falcons traded up to get in front of the Cowboys to take a pass rusher the Cowboys likely would have taken because they knew Dallas liked him. And yet here is Jones blabbing about the types of players they won’t draft.

Stephen Jones then spoke about the likelihood that Orlando Scandrick would not be back with the team next season. Whether via trade or outright release, Jones implied the veteran cornerback would not return to the Cowboys. Again, if this was your plan, why mention anything about Scandrick and do your work in silence. It’s hard to get any value for a player when teams think you’re going to release him anyway. Scandrick has been a good player for the Cowboys, but he’s unlikely to bring a huge return in a trade and telling everyone that he won’t be back decreases the value in any trade.

There were also more comments about Dez Bryant, about how the NFL is a business and how difficult it is to say goodbye to players that mean so much to the organization. The quotes made it seem like the Cowboys are getting ready to make the decision to move on from Bryant. Why put those thoughts out there? It doesn’t serve any purpose than to upset Dez and let the rest of the league in on your plans.

Other tidbits that Jones couldn’t help himself but talk about were the future positions for Byron Jones and Chidobe Awuzie for the upcoming season, the possible tender for David Irving and the not being able to look in on Ezekiel Elliott all the time. It’s pretty crazy the team doesn’t know what tender to place on Irving and how they don’t seem to have a plan to keep Zeke out of trouble. These are things that should be set in motion by now, and if you don’t have those answers, don’t be so open about not knowing. It makes the Cowboys look incompetent.

Some of this might be smokescreens in order to throw other teams off, we’ll find out. Hopefully, the team isn’t giving away too much by being so honest.

The people in charge of the Dallas Cowboys need to keep their mouths closed sometimes. Take a page from Bill Belichick, or even Jason Garrett, and clam up. There’s a lot of good in being boring and giving generic quotes.

There’s too much talking from Stephen Jones.

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