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Cowboys Need Some Talent Acquisition Aggression

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We’re still a week away from the official beginning of the NFL league year and the offseason is already off to a roaring start. Yesterday, the Philadelphia Eagles traded for Michael Bennett, while the New York Giants traded for linebacker Alec Ogletree. Throw in the Washington Redskins making the move to acquire Alex Smith and the NFC East has been busy building for the 2018 season.

All except the Dallas Cowboys, who only added by subtracting Benson Mayowa. The move freed up some money on the cap but did little to move the needle for fans who are asking for a significant improvement to compete with their division rivals.

The frustration is understood, but let’s keep things in perspective. Ogletree has continued to regress in recent seasons, the Giants gave up two picks and owe him a ton of money over the next two years. He is a decent player and the Giants needed help at the position, but he isn’t a difference maker.

And while Bennett is a really good player, he is also going to be 33 next season. He’ll make the Eagles better, but his career is nearing its end.

However, I understand it isn’t the players that have you upset, as much as it is the Cowboys’ lack of effort. We see the Eagles and Giants trying to get better, even other teams like the Rams and the Patriots making moves to get better every offseason and here your favorite team sits idle. No trades, no big moves in free agency to improve.

I get it, and as I wrote earlier in the offseason, the Cowboys are too rigid. Years ago they overspent and made too many silly trades, now all they do is hold onto their money and refuse to be aggressive. They need to find a happy medium. There’s nothing wrong with building through the draft and paying your own players, but there’s also a time to make a move.

For the Cowboys, that time is now. They don’t need to go crazy, but investing in the right player or two would do wonders for a team that isn’t that far away from competing for a Super Bowl. Dallas went 9-7 and just missed the playoffs last year after the see-saw with Ezekiel Elliott and missing Tyron Smith for key games. It all took its toll on the team and quarterback Dak Prescott. If the Cowboys could make a splash or two before the draft, it would be a huge boost.

Adding a player like Earl Thomas would be a start, even if it cost the team a draft pick. The Cowboys need an influx of top-tier talent and Thomas, or someone like him, should be a no-brainer for a team that is close. They need a guy or two to help push them over the top, now is the time to be aggressive.

Not every move they make has to be a big one, but grabbing a big-time player, along with another good one at the right spot would do wonders. The rest of the division is getting better and while watching it happen doesn’t sit well with fans, the reality is the organization should see the need to make moves too.

It’s time for the Dallas Cowboys to get aggressive and bring in some talent before the draft. Bargain basement shopping hasn’t worked in the last few years, it’s time to get serious. Cowboys Nation is waiting, not patiently, to find out what happens.

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Ben Grimaldi

Ben Grimaldi

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