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Cowboys And Dez Bryant Are About To Break The Internet

Dez Bryant X

Offseasons are not easy on Dallas Cowboys fans, they are rarely satisfied and often criticize every move the team makes. If the Cowboys aren’t aggressive in free agency, they get upset. If the team drafts someone they don’t like, they get upset. It’s a hard group to please.

This year has been no different. Many of the moves, especially not being aggressive in free agency, has drawn the ire of fans. Ironically, the first bold offseason move in recent memory might get the loudest jeers in quite some time.

For months we have been discussing what Dallas will do with Dez Bryant, and the saga appears to be coming to an end. The smoke signals have been coming in the last few days and a resolution could be just around the corner; Jerry Jones and Dez Bryant are set to talk on Friday. Most insiders don’t expect Bryant back with the Cowboys in 2018 and that will blow the doors off Cowboys Nation.

The signs have been there if the team chooses to move on from Dez. First, they courted Sammy Watkins until they smartened up and refused to pay the exorbitant price for an average receiver, then they signed Deonte Thompson and Allen Hurns. That’s two new receivers on a team that kept six receivers last year. It’s a crowded group and someone must go; unfortunately, that receiver might be Bryant.

It might not be the worst decision the Cowboys have ever made, but it would be right up there. It would be pretty dumb to release your best receiver and pay him $8 million dollars not to play this year and $4 million next season. What, exactly, would be the reason for moving on from the only number one receiver on your team?

These will be a tense few days for Cowboys fans. It appears as though someone has it in for Bryant and it’s hard to understand why. There’s no question he’s slowed a little bit and doesn’t run the crispest routes in the league, but Dez plays hard and is still one of the best red zone threats in the NFL. You cannot watch Bryant’s touchdown against the Arizona Cardinals last year and think he can’t play anymore.

Bryant is also training with a route specialist and wide receiver guru David Robinson this offseason. He’s working hard to improve his game and the team might be walking away from all that Bryant has put into getting better for the Cowboys.

The Cowboys would survive without Dez Bryant, Dak Prescott played well without him during his rookie season. However, Dez is their best receiver and he still has plenty left in the tank. Moving on from Bryant would be tough to swallow and the offense would be lacking any kind of star power at wide receiver.

There really isn’t a good reason for the Dallas Cowboys to walk away from Dez. Trading him might make sense for a decent price, but that seems like a longshot. Releasing Dez would be a mistake and he would be a stud for another team who uses him properly. If and when that happens, just wait for the vitriol the Cowboys decision makers receive.

Dez Bryant could very well be throwing up the ‘X’ for somebody else next season, and it would be a shame. Get ready for Cowboys fans to show their passion for Dez, the way he showed it for the team for many years. This is going to be ugly.

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Ben Grimaldi

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