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Cowboys Cut Dez Bryant – is Another NFC East Team in Future?

Dez Bryant

Dez won’t be throwing up the X for the Cowboys anymore. That doesn’t mean he won’t be doing his signature move in Dallas however as after the club released the passionate receiver he made it clear on Twitter he was going to get some payback.

I would not be even a little bit surprised to see Dez sign with another NFC East club just for the chance to stick it to his old club a guaranteed two times this season. You can be certain his agent has put in calls to the Eagles, Giants and ‘Skins to gauge immediate feedback, and the interest will be there. Dez may not be worth $17 million a year to Dallas right now but he is worth a few million to some team in the NFL. How much and where are the two questions that will get answered over the next few days.

If Dez chases the money he can find it. There are teams out there that will pony up big cash for the chance to sell more season tickets and Bryant brings that kind of pull now even though his game has fallen off. However, if he is truly about finding the best fit for him he will probably end up taking a yearly salary just about in line with what the club was asking him to reduce his old contract to.

Looks like Jerry finally found someone he couldn’t sell. Question is, how many times a year will Dez get to make it hurt?

What say you Sports Nation?

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